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Warzone Devs hear Players, Decide to Nerf Krampus

Warzone Devs hear Players, Decide to Nerf Krampus

Players of Call of Duty: Warzone is overjoyed to know that the Christmas demon, the Krampus, has been nerfed by popular demand.

Raven Software has recently tweeted about it and the changes that Krampus will be experiencing in-game.

The Krampus has been wreaking havoc on the Caldera map during the Festive Fervor event. Players have complained that the random encounters hampered their gameplay and also Krampus was really overpowered to take down, thus making players empty half their arsenal.

The Krampus will not be entirely gone yet, but his health has been reduced and will not spawn after the 4th Circle.

The Krampus will track down “naughty” players who have found coal in the Holiday Crates and come after them randomly. This greatly ruined the gameplay as now players would have to defeat the Krampus to move on or be killed by him. But the winter demon does give players some pretty good rewards for eliminating him.

For the rest of the Festive Fervor event, the demon will be toned down a bit by Christmas time, so players can have a breather in the game.

Recently the Krampus was in the news for killing a hacker in-game, thus receiving some appreciation from fans, but his behavior is still not excusable for the majority. Even though players are thankful for the nerf, they are still hoping that he will be gone.

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