Warframe Players Face Controller Key Binding Issues and Game Not Loading, Crashing, or Updating On Xbox

Warframe Players face controller key binding issues and game not loading, crashing, or updating on Xbox

Warframe players of Xbox are having trouble trying to connect to the game. The third-person shooter has had its fair share of issues since its release, and now fans of the game have noticed something else.

The bug has started after downloading the new update. Also, apart from the game crashing, players have noticed that there is an issue with the controller key binding when they play the game.

Players have not been able to download any more updates and even restarting the Xbox doesn’t seem to be of any help.

Luckily, someone has found a fix for it.

Along with that, the official Warframe Twitter has also acknowledged the issue and has written a quick fix.  

As for the controller settings, they have acknowledged that too.

So far the fix seems to work for most players. If you are still experiencing launcher crashing on Xbox while trying to download the latest update, you can try doing the following

  • Highlight the game and press the option button on the controller
  • Click on Manage Game
  • Select Saved Data
  • Delete Reserved Space
  • Re-launch the game to download the update

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