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Hackers exploit the 1HP bug and make gameplay unbearable: Star Wars Battlefront II

Hackers exploit the 1HP bug and make gameplay unbearable

A new issue has been reported in Star Wars Battlefront II that hackers can use to bring out a bug that reportedly instills no kills or death in the game.

The bug makes sure that no players can kill or get killed and die. Even if their health is really low, they will not be killed off and can continue playing the game as usual. This has caused friction between players as they now feel the game is unplayable.

One Reddit user by the username u/-Paradox2871 has cracked the case and claims that the problem is not a bug but rather a script that hackers have made.

When the realization came through, some players were not happy and wrote that hackers try to ruin the gameplay by hampering it.

The issue was also raised in the EA message board but so far there has been to fix to the issue. Players would just have to wait it out and hope the game developers get notified soon.

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