Valheim | How to Find Fuling Archer | How to Beat Fuling Archer

Valheim has various types of Fuling monsters that you can find in the Plains biome and while they are easy to beat, they often spawn in groups which can be difficult to manage. You would want to beat the Fling Archer for the unique items they drop. The type of Fuling you can find in the game are Fuling, Fuling Archer, Fuling Berserker, and Fuling Shaman. Stick around the post and we will show you how to find Fuling Archer in Valheim and beat them.

How to Find Fuling Archer in Valheim | Location Guide

You should not have any difficulty finding the Fuling Archer in the Plains biome. Look for Fuling villages that are set up throughout the biome. The archers will spawn there. If for some reason, the archers are not spawning in your game and you are open to using cheats as the last resort, here is what you need to do to find Fuling Archers in Valheim.

Open the Command Console using F5 and type in imacheater. Now, enter the cheat spawn GoblinArcher and the Fuling archer should spawn in your world. Once you come face-to-face with them, you need to beat them to obtain the loot which includes bounties such as Black metal scrap, Coins, and Fuling trophy. These are resources that you absolutely require in the game.

How to Beat Fuling Archer in Valheim

Like most of the creatures in the Plains biome, the Fulings are touch and they come with all types of attacks depending on the type of Fuling. Now, that the Fuling Archer has spawned for you, there are two ways to beat it. If you want to finish the fight quickly using ranged weapons, you can use the Draugr Fang or Huntsman Bow armed with Obsidian or Needle Arrows. For melee, we suggest that you have a minimum of 80 armor and silver sword.

The strategy to deal with the Fuling Archer is stealth. If possible pick them off one by one with ranged attacks. Don’t get surrounded by them. If you have attracted the attention of the group, fight while moving and deal with one Fuling Archer at a time.

So, that how you find and beat the Fuling Archer in Valheim.   

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