How to Make Needle Arrow in Valheim

How to Make Needle Arrow in Valheim

If you have searched for the craft to make Needle Arrow, you have come quite far in the game and closer to the end. However, the game does not end here, there is much more to be added to the game like new areas, bosses, items, and play in existing biomes like the Mistlands and Shipwreck. For the Needle Arrow, you will have to hunt down one of the most difficult to kill mobs in the game. You will have to be in the Palins biome for this. There are not many resources required to make the arrow; however, the main item required to make it is very hard to get. Keep scrolling and we will show you how to make Needle Arrow in Valheim.

How to Make Needle Arrow in Valheim

To make the Needle Arrow in Valheim, you would require the Workbench at level 4 and the resources required to craft the arrow is 4 Needle and 2 Feather. The Needle is the pointy end of a Deathsquito and dropped upon their death. You can also use the Needle to craft another deadly weapon in the game the Porcupine. So, you need to know the trick to kill Deathsquito.

When it comes to killing Deathsquito, timing is crucial. The enemy don’t have much HP, so a single good attack will get them down. Equip your beat weapons before heading into plains and try to spot them first before they spot you.

Deathsquito Valheim

You can kill them via ranged attacks with arrows, or when they come close and are about to bit you, swing the sword. If you roll right at the moment when they attack you, their attack can also be dodged. For more, read the linked guide on how to kill the insect.

To obtain the Feathers, you can kill Seagulls or you can find them in chests in the Black Forest. Once, you have the two resources and a level 4 Workbench, you can easily make the arrow.

The Needle is a great weapon that can take you to the end of the game and even used in the fight against the final boss. This is the best that the arrows get in Valheim at this time. It weighs at 0.1 like all the other arrows in the game and the pierce is a substantial 62 and knockback 15.

That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category for more informative guides and tips.

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