Valheim – What is the Best Silver Weapon | Silver Sword and Shield

Silver is an important metal in Valheim and part of the Mountain biome. This biome in the game offers two of the best metals – Silver and Obsidian. Both can be used to craft very powerful weapons including the Silver Sword, Silver Shield, and Silver Arrows. Once you have acquired silver in the game, you aim should be to craft all of these weapons. The sword is superior to most weapons in the game, maybe the mace is better. As the sword is a single-handed weapon with good damage, you can equip the shield on the other hand. Hence, the Silver Sword and Sliver Shield are the best silver weapons in Valheim.

Before you craft any weapons made from Silver, you will first have to find silver in the game. When you defeat the Bonemass, he will drop the Wishbone, which can be used to find Silver in the Mountain biome. Travel to the Mountains and roam around, when the silver is near you will start to see blinking. The blink will get stronger as you get closer to the meal. Dig the area and you will be able to find silver.

How to Craft Silver Sword in Valheim

To craft the Silver Sword in Valheim, you will have to acquire Silver from the Mountain biome. The recipe to make the sword includes 2 Wood, 40 Silver, 3 Leather Scrap, and 5 Iron. If you have progressed this far in the game, you will already have access to all the other items required to make the Silver Sword.

You can make the sword using the Forge. You require a level 3 Forge to craft and repair the sword. Once you have the necessary crafting materials, select Hammer from the Inventory, and go to the Crafting tab to make the sword.

The Silver Sword has a durability of 200, Slash of 75, Spirit of 30, knockback of 40. You only have to sacrifice -5% movement speed, and the defence is pretty good too with Black Power of 10, Parry Force of 20, and 2x Parry Bonus.  

How to Craft Silver Shield in Valheim

The Silver Shield is one of the best shields in the game, only inferior to the Serpent Scale Shield and Black Metal Shield. It’s the fourth upgrade of the shield and can be done after acquiring silver in the game.

You can make Silver Shield in Valheim after acquiring silver and upgrading the Forge to level 3. The resources required to craft the shield are 10 Fine wood and 8 Silver. Once you have the resources, take them to the Forge and with the Hammer make the shield.

The Silver Shield is a one-handed weapon with 200 durability and 5 weight. It requires a level 3 Forge to repair and has 75 Block Power, 40 Parry Force, and 1.5x parry Bonus.    

Other Items Crafted Using Silver

Once you have acquired Silver, there is a long list of powerful items you can craft using the metal. So, no doubt you are confused. Here are all the other things you can make using Silver.

How to Make Wolf Armor Chest – Valheim

The Wolf Armor Chest is part of the Wolf Armor set that protects against the cold of the Mountain Biome when all items in the set are equipped. To craft the Wolf Armor Chest in Valheim, you require to possess Silver and Chain. Once you have it, you can craft and repair the item using Forge level 2. The resources required to craft includes 20 Silver, 5 Wolf pelt, and 1 Chain.  

How to Make Wolf Armor Legs – Valheim

Wolf Armor Legs are also a part of the Wolf Armor set. To craft the Wolf Armor Legs you require the resources such as 20 Silver, 5 Wolf pelt, and 4 Wolf Fang. Once you have the items, you can craft the item using the level 2 Forge. You can use the same level of Forge to repair the item. The piece is incomplete until you craft all items in the Wolf Armor set, so ensure you craft them all.  

How to Make Fang Spear – Valheim

If you are low on silver, this is probably the best silver weapon you can make because it requires just 2 silver, which is lowest among all the other silver weapons. The other resources required to make the item are also less demanding, so it’s an easy to make item. To craft the Fang Spear in Valheim, you requires resources such as 10 Ancient Bark, 4 Wolf Fang, 2 Leather Scraps, and 2 Silver. Wolf Fangs are a drop from Wolfs.

How to Make Drake Helmet – Valheim

The Drake Trophy is an important element to make the Drake Helmet. You first have to obtain 2 Drake Trophies to be able to make the helmet. The other resources required to craft Drake helmet in Valheim are 20 Silver and 2 Wolf Pelt. The wolf pelt can be obtained by hunting Wolfs or taming wolf for their resources. Once you have the resources, you can craft the item using a Forge at level 1. The same Forge can also be used to repair the helmet.   

Other items you can make using silver are Draugr Fang, Wolf Fur Cape, Frostner, and Silver arrows. You can refer to the linked guides to know more about them. We have a lot of other interesting weapons you can craft in the game, refer to the game category for boss fights, weapons, armor, taming animals, building, farming, and errors in Valheim.

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