How to Craft Draugr Fang in Valheim – Best Bow Guide

How to Craft Draugr Fang in Valheim

Before we dive into the weapon, the Draugr are creatures in the game you will find in the Swamps and especially the Crypts in them. They are hostile and the Draugr Fang is named after them. But, the weapon does not have anything to do with them. They don’t drop anything to unlock the weapon. Draugr Fang is a ranged weapon you would want to upgrade the humble Crude Bow to as you progress in the game and are looking for more accuracy, high piercing, and of course the poison damage. The weapon can be crafted easily and you can do it quite easily in the game. So, if you are wondering how to craft Draugr Fang in Valheim, keep scrolling through the post.

How to Craft Draugr Fang in Valheim

All of the resources required to craft Draugr Fang will be available once you have completed the Swamp biome and beaten the Bonemass. While other resources can be obtained early, the last piece of the puzzle is silver, which can be dropped from Bonemass or in the Mountain Biome.

The in-game description for Draugr Fang is, “Dark wood string with glistening sinew, a vicious thing.” And it is a vicious thing. To make Draugr Fang in Valheim you require the following resources:

Most of the resources listed in the recipe to craft the Draugr Fang can be easily obtained in the Swamp biome, but for the silver you may have to travel to the Mountain Biome, if you didn’t get it from the Bonemass.

Valheim Stats Draugr Fang

Deer Hide can be obtained by hunting Deer. The Guck can be obtained from Gucksack found on trees in the Swamp biome. They are bright green in color. So, gather all the resources and you can craft the bow.

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