Valheim | Best End-Game Melee Weapon

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to weapons in the game. However, as you progress, most of the early-game weapons would start to become ineffective or deal lesser damage to stronger mobs. As such, you must be wondering what is Valheim’s best end-game melee weapon. There are quite a few options to consider, but it all narrows down to the Silver Sword, Blackmetal Sword, and Porcupine. You will have to progress quite further in the game to obtain these weapons. Let’s have a look at the best melee weapon in Valheim.

Valheim | Best End-Game Melee Weapon

Before we get into discussing the superiority of each weapon above the other and the best end-game melee weapon, let’s have a look at the stats of each of them.

StatsSilver SwordBlackmetal SwordPorcupine
Crafting Level344
Repair Level344
Resources Required to Craft2 Wood 40 Silver 3 Leather Scraps 5 Iron2 Fine Wood 20 Black Metal 5 Linen Thread5 Fine wood 20 Iron 5 Needle 10 Linen thread
Block Power101020
Parry Force202030
Parry Bonus2x2x2x
Movement Speed-5%-5%-5%

From the above stats, it’s clear that each weapon has its own benefits, especially against specific mobs. The Silver Sword has the Spirit damage, which is unique to just three weapons in the game. Ghost is a mob type that’s weak to Spirit damage. The Silver Sword also has a lower crafting and repair level and easier to obtain in the game, while the other two can only be obtained after defeating the Moder boss.

When we compare the Black Metal Sword and the Porcupine, the Porcupine is a clear winner both in combat and stats. While the Black Metal Sword has a very high Slash damage, more than any weapon in the game, the Porcupine has both the Blunt and Pierce damage, which is unique to the weapon. It can be used against mobs that are weak to both Blunt and Pierce damage.

The Porcupine is also a weapon you can use in the final boss fight. So, to conclude the post. Our view is that the Porcupine is the best end-game melee weapon in Valheim. If you differ, share your views and the best melee weapon in your opinion in the comments.     

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