V Rising Ziva the Engineer Location and How to Beat

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There are plenty of new boss encounters in the latest V Rising update, and one of them is Ziva the Engineer. This boss can put up a fight with her tough armor and an array of attacks. If you can successfully defeat her, you can get the Ball Lightning spell, the Fabricator structure, and an Empty Canister. But you need to find and defeat her before you can get your hands on all the goodies. In this guide, we will see how to find and defeat Ziva the Engineer in V Rising.

V Rising Ziva the Engineer Location and How to Beat

Ziva the Engineer is a unique boss who takes control of elemental damage to kill you. Here we will see how to find and defeat her in V Rising.

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Ziva the Engineer Location in V Rising

Ziva is a level 60 boss who you can spot inside the Trancendum Machine Factory, Gloomrot. Gloomrot is a new region added to the map update, and you can encounter new bosses in the area. For a more detailed guide on where to find Ziva, you can check out our guide.

How to Beat Ziva the Engineer in V Rising

Since Ziva is a level 60 boss, you would need to level up your gear and get better weapons and spells before you venture out to defeat her. 

  • Her armor is quite tough, so getting as close as possible and dealing melee damage is the way to go
  • She can use a flamethrower to engulf the area in fire, so you should get inside the fire ring to avoid damage. This is possible when you are standing as close to her as possible
  • She can fly away using her jet pack when she is being continuously attacked
  • Ziva can also summon electric orbs and robots that will deal damage and follow you around
  • Her other attack ability is to throw flaming grenades on the floor and set it on fire. These can be avoided by looking at the floor and avoiding the red rings
  • She also has an SMG that can spew flaming bullets at those nearby
  • To quickly defeat her, get as close as you can and deal melee damage. Stay behind her at all times to avoid her AoE attacks.

Within no time, you can bring Ziva the Engineer down and claim some rewards. If you like this V Rising guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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