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V Rising: Where to Find Christina The Sun Priestess Location

V Rising_ Christina The Sun Priestess Location

V Rising is gaining popularity among vampires. Every ruler must struggle to survive in Vardoran’s vast world. The game has several unique goods and powerful powers that you may get as you continue through the game. Farming bosses known as V Blood Carriers is the greatest way to quickly enhance your lord. 

Defeating such bosses will reward you with rare goods like weapons and gear, as well as a powerful ability. In this V Rising guide, we’ll show you where to find the V Blood Boss Christina the Sun Priestess.

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Location of Christina The Sun Priestess

Christina, the Sun Priestess’s location may be found in the Blood Altar. Her whereabouts are unknown, although she may be spotted patrolling the roads in the heart of Dunley Farmlands.

She is usually seen around Dawnbreak Village. You may use your teleport to go close to her or ride your mount to get there faster. Because challenging her inside the town is risky and difficult, the ideal time to challenge her is when she goes to patrol alone on the roads around Dawnbreak Village. We have shown the location below for finding Christina The Sun Priestess.

Christina The Sun Priestess Rewards

For beating Christina, you will earn the following rewards:


  • Glass
  • Blood Rose Potion
  • Empty Glass Bottle
  • Holy Resistance Potion

Vampire: Purgatory

At roughly gear score 44, we suggest confronting Christina. In general, having Iron Weapons is a good idea, but anything above and above will make this a piece of cake. Healing supplies are also useful to have on hand in case stray monsters complicate matters.

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