V Rising Voltatia The Power Master Location and How to Beat

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In V Rising, you play as a Vampire who has to survive in a hostile world full of dangers and enemies. You can build your own castle and ally with other players to create a powerful clan. You can also explore the world and encounter various bosses that will test your skills and reward you with loot. One of these bosses is Voltatia the Power Master and is the right-hand man of Henry Blackbrew the Doctor and does the maintenance. In this guide, we will show you how to locate and defeat Voltatia The Power Master in V Rising.

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V Rising Voltatia The Power Master Location and How to Beat?

In order to find the Voltatis The Power Master, players need to go to this location: 

  1. Players need to make their way to the Trancendum Power Plant 
  2. There players will find the boss in one of the maintenance room 

After reaching the location, players simply need to go to one of the maintenance rooms or laboratories and then the boss is roaming around. The boss is level 77 and it is recommended for players to be around the same boss level before fighting this boss. 

Players should focus on the boss where it is doing the charge-up attack as it can hit for a huge amount of damage. It is recommended to have a healing and also has the gear level above the boss as it will help you tank the hits whenever and provides more opportunity to attack back. Players need to be extra patient and efficient in hitting the boss because of its AoE attacks. After that, players simply need to be patient and slowly but surely will kill the boss. 

The boss drops the power core which is very helpful in creating better gear. Players will also get the new ability called Lightning Curtain as well. 

NOTE: Any range attacks will help out the players in a big way in this fight. 

That’s all you need to know about where players can find Voltatia The Power Master and how to beat it in V Rising.  If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news about V Rising and various other games.

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