Trigon: Space Story – Survival Guide

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The mysterious events of the Trigon: Space Story – This Survival Guide will tell you more than you ever needed to know about becoming a starship commander, from escaping from enemy territory to managing your resources and equipping your crew. By the time your adventure draws to a close, you’ll understand everything you need to about this exciting universe.

Emp Rockets

Instead of using regular speed rockets, you must use Emp Rockets as they give you a real edge in any spaceship battle. The Emp will disable the area of effect causing a lot of functions in the enemy ship to be disabled for a good chunk of time. This will buy you enough time to catch them at their weakest and easily destroy them.

Destroy the Airlock System

When you are about to enter a battle, one of the best things that you can do to gain upper hand is to destroy the Airlock System in the Enemy ship as quickly as possible. Once the Airlock System gets destroyed the enemy units won’t be able to leave their respective rooms in order to repair the damaged sections of the ship, making it easier for you to finish them off easily.

Destroy the Life Support Module

You can destroy the Life Support Module in the enemy ships causing their units to die out of suffocation and breathlessness but before you apply this you must keep in mind that, enemy units will rush to repair the life support module so destroy the Airlock System first and then go for Life support module.

Always keep Your HyperDrive Ready

At some point you will run across a very overpowering enemy unit that you just won’t be able to deal with, In such cases, it’s best to run away from the battle. Keeping your hyperdrive ready will make sure that you can escape without taking too much damage in the early battle. Also make sure that you have some extra slots ready in your hyperdrive with a unit standing in the hyperdrive operations room, as this will give you a much-needed boost, and just in case any enemy ship targets your hyperdrive, your extra slots will save the day for you.

Install a Stealth Module

Once you visit any space trade station make sure that you get a stealth module installed in your ship. The stealth module is a device that can make your ship go invisible in battle, this can be an absolute game-changer especially if your ship is on the brink of destruction and you need to perform emergency repairs. Just make sure that before you use the invisibility module you must stop attacking the enemy ship as it will end the invisibility effect the very instant you shoot at enemy ships.

Install a Teleportation Module

The teleportation Module can really shift the tide of any spaceship battle if executed correctly. Make sure to get a teleportation Module Installed in your ship if you come across any space trade stations. Always keep some strong Close Combat crew members on your ship as the weak ones will get killed instantly. Once you are in a battle just make sure to destroy the enemy Oxygen unit and just as they rush to repair it Teleport onto their ships and finish them off.

Install a Cryochamber Module

A Cryochamber is a great way to keep some of the enemy crew members as prisoners inside your ship, you can later sell them to make loads of money at a Space Trade Stations.

Use Coins to Upgrade ship Instead of Scrap

Scrap is a very rare and crucial resource as it is needed to repair or upgrade your ship but there is always a better way to do that. A more cost-effective way is to use coins to upgrade your ship instead of scrap as coins are very easy to obtain and the value for money is better with coins than with scrap.

Target the Leader

Targeting the leader of an enemy ship is not something easy but if you pull it off, it has some great rewards attached to it. If you manage to kill the enemy leader while its crew members are still alive then you can take all the loot from their ships and can also keep some of their units in a cryo-chamber and you can sell all of them in the space trade station, making loads of money in the process.

Fill every compartment of your ship with a crew member

Crew members are an absolute key to the survival of your ship as they offer their special expertise in their specific area of interest, can help you get the best possible outcome in certain situations, and can repair your ship the very instant it gets damaged.

Buy some Close Combat Crew Members

There are various types of crew members that you can randomly get or you can buy. The best possible units to buy are the ones with a decent number on their close combat bar. At times when you are in the midst of battle, certain enemy units will teleport inside your ship and start attacking every single one of your units and since by default most of the units that you start with don’t have decent close combat stats they will die out within seconds.

Restock, Food, Ammunition, and Fuel at Space Trade Stations

At times you will be so focused on one battle after another that you will forget about restocking your ship with all the supplies and ammunition, so always keep a check on your resources indicators and make sure you have enough ammunition to give your best shot against enemy ships.


Be prepared to lose lots of battles as this game is not something that one can easily walk through, it requires a great deal of experience and strategy to be a worthy challenger.

We hope you enjoy the Trigon: Space Story – Survival Guide. Nothing makes us happier than knowing that we’re helping as many people find their way in the universe as possible. Remember, if there’s anything you want to know more about, don’t be afraid to ask.

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