All Ship Upgrades in Trigon: Space Story

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Players can purchase upgrades for their ships in Trigon: Space Story, some of which are useful in the early stages. It’s a good idea to be familiar with all the ship upgrades in the game so that you know what you’re getting into. This guide will take you through the process of how to upgrade your ships in Trigon: Space Story as well as list all the possible ship upgrades.

How to Upgrade your Spaceship in Trigon: Space Story

You can upgrade your ship by entering the gameplay menu and navigating to the ship’s options where you can view the list of possible upgrades. Buying upgrades require Credits which you can obtain by playing the game and defeating Pirate ships.

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List of All ship upgrades in Trigon: Space Story

Here is the list of all the ship upgrades you can purchase in the game. By providing them by category of the ship’s components, it is easy to locate the portion of your spaceships that needs upgrading, and the perks are appropriate to the location.


The main function of the reactor is to provide all the ship’s systems with energy. It has energy points which you can use to upgrade all the other systems of the ship. Every upgrade level will add one energy point.

Shield Generator

This is a defensive barrier that will block all enemy missiles, and each increase in level will add 10 shield points.


Upgrading the Hyperdrive increases evasion chance. Each level increase adds 10% faster hyperdrive charge and adds 3% to evasion chances.


The Medbay treats crew members. Upgrading it will raise the recovery speed by 100% for each level.

Life Support

It will produce Oxygen and Food which are essential for boosting the Moral of your crew members. Each level adds 40 more seconds of oxygen and two more supplies produced a day.

Stealth Module

This is essential if you’d like stealth mode, which makes your spaceship invisible. You will not be attacked in this mode, but you also will not be able to attack. Each level increase will lower the reload time by five seconds.


The teleporter will send your crewmates to enemy ships and helps them return too. Like the stealth module, every increase in level will lower the reload time by five seconds.

Armory Module

Increasing the level will add one energy slot where you will be able to use your weapons.

Drone Control Module

Each level increase adds one energy slot for charging automated drones for attack or defense.

Airlock System

Unlocking the airlock system will let you open and close doors remotely, and upgrading will increase the strength of your doors.


This provides information on other ships and stations which shows up as coordinates on your game map.


Upgrading the Bridge will allow your ship to make hyperjumps and avoid being attacked.


You will gain one more cyrocapsule slot with each upgrade which will allow you to freeze and hold captives.

Cargo Hold

The Cargo Hold stores all items on your ship, and increasing its level will add four more storage slots.

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