The Steam Deck Can be Repaired, But it is Not Cheap!

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iFixit has come up with the parts required to repair a Steam Deck. Valve has allowed customer repairs on their handheld gaming console, which is more of a PC. These customer repairs can be cumbersome if you have a hard time finding the right parts for your Steam Deck. This is where iFixit comes in. The company is planning to provide both internal and external parts to repair a Steam Deck. These repairs will mostly be DIY, the customer segment iFixit normally serves. But, early reports suggest that the parts will be not cheap.

Accidentally, the page with the parts required to fix your broken Steam Deck went live on the UK store of iFixit. The company later removed the page from the website and tweeted addressing the inconsistency.

The company was kind enough to acknowledge the orders placed in the time gap during which the page was online. “If you did get a parts order in, we’ll honor it”, said the statement from the company. Some users have received the orders they placed. A lot of them have reported the parts to be very effective.

The fact that iFixit had to remove the page after it went live can have a bunch of implications. It suggests that the company is not allowed to sell the parts before a certain date or announcement. It can also mean that Valve can announce a DIY repair program for the Steam Deck. However, judging from the company’s moves, these parts should be available to Steam Deck users soon.

However, iFixit parts are not cheap. The company is selling screens, thumbsticks, fans, and motherboards for the Steam Deck. These parts are priced at a premium.

Regular screen (for the 512GB variant)$99.99

We do not have any details on how Valve or iFixit will introduce the DIY repair program. The two companies might have teamed up, or iFixit might be one of the many companies to offer parts for the Steam Deck.

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