ASRock Launches the Intel ARC A380 Challenger ITX 6 GB OC in China

After the Gunnir Arc A380 Photon OC, ASRock launches another variant of Intel’s GPU in China. This second GPU is almost two months after the Gunnir GPU debuted. More AIB (Add In Board) manufacturers are expected to launch their GPUs in the upcoming few weeks as Intel launches their ARC lineup silently.

More information on the ASRock ARC A380 Challenger ITX 6 GB OC video card

ASRock’s variant of the ARC A380 is called the Challenger ITX OC edition. With the launch of this card, the Gunnir ARC A380 Photon 6 GB OC has some competition.

ASRock’s edition of the card is a single-fan cooled mini version that can fit in ITX builds. Thus, the card packs less beefy cooling as compared to the two-fan Gunnir card. The ASRock Challenger ITX card is also a factory overclocked version, like the Gunnir Photon variant. However, its core clock is 200 MHz slower than the Photon.

A listing for the ASRock ARC A380 Challenger ITX Mini 6 GB OC card

The Challenger ITX card also has a smaller memory bandwidth. The newer card has a memory bandwidth of 15.0 Gbps GDDR6 while the ARC A380 reference card and the Gunnir ARC A380 Photon OC peak out at 15.5 Gbps GDDR6.

Being an ITX card, the Challenger OC card is both smaller and lighter than the Gunnir ARC A380 Photon OC. The Challenger C measures 190 mm x 124 mm x 39 mm while the Gunnir card measures 222 mm x 114 mm x 42 mm.

The ASRock Challenger ITX card is only two-thirds as heavy as the Gunnir Photon card. While the latter weighs 668g, the ASRock variant only weighs 400g.

The ASRock variant also received power via a single 8-pin power connector, like Gunnir’s variant. The TBP (Total Board Power) of this card has not been confirmed yet. However, being an ITX variant, this card is expected to be rated for 75W, like the reference card.

The listing spotted for the card, however, showed it was selling for 1,299 Chinese Yen. This roughly translates to $190. This is much higher than the planned $129-$139 MSRP for this card.

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