Splitgate Servers are Down Today and Tomorrow

Splitgate Servers are Down Today and Tomm

In a not so unexpected move, the Splitgate servers have done down for maintenance. Ever since the game rose in popularity and hundreds of thousands of players flooded the game, there have been all kinds of problems with the game, primarily matchmaking.

Even with the matchmaking bug, the game has been constantly attracting new players reaching an all-time peak of concurrent players before the server was taken down. In the past 24-hours, the game has recorded concurrent players of 27,190 according to Steam Charts.

Splitgate Servers are Down Today and Tomm

Which lead to the developers taking the servers down for almost the entirety of two days. So, you won’t be able to play the game today and Friday 30th July. The servers went offline at 1:15 PM PT.     


While this is a huge disappointment for a large number of players, it’s expected with beta. After all, the purpose of the beta is to hammer issues such as these so the game runs smoothly when it’s fully released. Nevertheless, with the matchmaking returning after the patch, a lot of players would be able to enjoy the game with random people and to the fullest.

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