Fix Splitgate “Unable to get permissions from Xbox Live” Error on Xbox and PS4

Tim Blisz
Tim Blisz

Splitgate has risen in popularity over the past month and while that’s good for the game it’s causing a range of problems on most platforms. The issues with the game are caused due to an excessive burden on the servers. Now, users on Xbox are reporting the Splitgate “Unable to get permissions from Xbox Live” error. You see this error when you boot up the game and you cannot progress. Unless you fix the error there is no way of playing the game.

The annoying thing about the error is users on PS4 are also reporting the same error, which is clearly intended for Xbox given the permission problem with Xbox Live. Here are some solutions that have worked for a lot of users and with some luck may work for you as well.  

Fix Splitgate Xbox and PS4 Error “Unable to get permissions from Xbox Live”

While the error is frustrating, you have to put up with such errors when you are playing in beta. After all, the purpose of the beta is a hammer such issues with the game. Having said that, the Splitgate “Unable to get permissions from Xbox Live” error eventually goes away on its own. But, if you are adamant on playing the game now, here are some solutions you can try.  

Power Cycle the Xbox or PS4

The most effective solution for this problems appears to be a hard reset of the console. Going with the fix, it seems the issue may be caused by some temp cache files that’s preventing the connection with the server. Regardless of the cause, quite a number of users on Reddit were able to solve their problem with this fix. Here is how to do it.

  • Hold down the power button for 10 seconds
  • When the console is completely turned down, dislodge the power cords
  • Allow the console to sit for 30 seconds
  • Connect the power cords and boot normally.

This simple process should allow you to bypass the error. However, there are other solutions shared by the Splitgatesub mod. Here is what you need to do. We tried to replicate this error and could not find the settings like some other players, so we don’t know if it will work, but we will lay it down for you to try.

Change Privacy Settings

Here is what you need to do to change Privacy in your Xbox Live account. Go to the Xbox Main main menu > Settings > Privacy > Change Settings > Customize > Member Content > set the Member Content to Everyone. That’s all we have in this guide. Hope the Splitgate “Unable to get permissions from Xbox Live” error is fixed. If you have a solution that we didn’t cover share them in the comments.   

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