Splitgate Portal Glitch is Rampant Right Now Opening Doors for Possible Cheating

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Splitgate after Valheim is the perfect example that great games do not necessarily require a large team and budget. Splitgate has been growing in popularity over the past few weeks. This has caused a lot of problems with the game from server issues that lead to the devs taking down the game several times over the past month. But, besides the server problem, there is a range of other bugs in the game such as the Splitgate Portal Glitch.

The Portal is a feature in the game that allows you to travel to a different part of the game by opening a portal. But, users are reporting all kinds of issues with the portal. For some, using the portal takes them under the map. Others have reported that they are stuck in walls they can’t exit but are able to shoot other players from within the map.

Splitgate Portal Glitch

If the bug creates a situation where a player is unseen by others, but the player can see others and shoot them, it can certainly be exploited, but we are not certain to what extent. Whatever the end result, the Splitgate portal Glitch is causing all sorts of problems for the users and should be one of the first bugs the devs patch given the portal such an essential role in the game.

Another bug with the portal is that you fall in a loop where takes you to the same place you started and if you continue, it locks you in walls you can’t exit. In some cases, the Portal Bug is not game-breaking, but when users get such within walls there is no way out but to force exit the game.

There is no acknowledgment of the issue from 1047 Games on the game’s Twitter handle, Steam News, Reddit, or the website of the game. Hopefully, the issue would catch the attention of the devs and they would patch it before the release of the game.

Since the game is still in early access problems like these are tolerable. After all, the purpose of such tests is to root out problems like these.  

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