Fix Splitgate: Low Resolution or Blurred Texture Issue on Consoles

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Splitgate is still in the early access version and many more contents are planned once the game will launch with its full version. Also, some more cosmetics and Battle Pass items will be introduced. According to 1047, initially, this game had 4,000 concurrent players which went about 175,000 in just a few weeks. So obviously such a massive increase can cause several backend issues. One of the latest issues experiencing by many players is related to the visuals of the game. Players are reporting that they see a very low resolution or blurred texture while playing the game.

How to Fix Splitgate: Low Resolution Issue on Consoles

Here is the best workaround you can try to fix Splitgate: Low-Resolution issues on consoles.

Run your game to the Low Resolution

If you are facing some blurry visuals, then do not run the game with solid resolutions and high settings, perform some changes to fix this issue.

1. Go to Settings >> Graphic options >> Set Post Processing to Low >> Set Anti-Aliasing to Low

2. Once done, Apply the changes

3. Restart the game and the Low-Resolution issue should be fixed

That’s how you can fix Splitgate: Low-Resolution issue on consoles

This issue is occurring on all consoles but relatively Xbox is doing better than PS4 and PS5 as most of the complaints are coming in from PlayStation users.

Players are really enjoying this game but the low-resolution bug is interfering and so players are disappointed. Conversely, Splitgate support team has already acknowledged this problem and they are in the process of addressing the same.

However, the ETA is not revealed by 1047 Games but hopefully, they will fix this issue soon as a large number of players around the world having the same issue.

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