Sniper Elite 5: How to Unlock All Pistols

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Sniper Elite 5 is the newest instalment in the award-winning franchise, and it features unrivalled sniping, tactical third-person warfare, and an improved kill cam. Fight your way across the most immersive maps ever, with numerous real-world places recorded in breathtaking detail and a new traversal system that allows you to explore more of them than ever before.

With new gameplay, objectives to accomplish, and weaponry to gather, Sniper Elite 5 is proving to be an action-packed experience. Pistols are only one of the numerous weapons available to players, and there are many more that may be unlocked.

This article will show you how to unlock all guns in Sniper Elite 5, as well as how to complete Missions 6 and 8.

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Unlocking All Pistols in Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 currently has six pistols that players may unlock. The first few are easy to achieve, but others require the player to put in some effort to complete the assignments. Pistols, like each other weapons in the game, may be improved and used as strong secondary weapons.

Each Pistol in Sniper Elite 5 and how to unlock them are listed below.

PistolWhen to Unlock
M1911This pistol is unlocked at the start of the game.MK VI Revolver – Unlocked once Mission 2 is completed.Pistol 08 – Unlocked once Mission 3 is completed (Eliminate a target using a stealth takedown).Model D – Unlocked once Mission 6 is completed.
WelrodThis pistol is unlocked at the start of the game.
MK VI RevolverUnlocked once Mission 2 is completed.
Pistol 08Unlocked once Mission 3 is completed (Eliminate a target using a stealth takedown).
Model D Unlocked once Mission 6 is completed.
Type 14 NambuUnlocked after finishing Mission 8. (Eliminate a target with either a 14 Nambu or Type 100).

Completing Mission 6:

To complete this task, you must poison a target. Go to the villa where you found the objective. The poison may be found on the ground floor of the structure, then go upwards.

You’ll see a glass that you can poison once you’re outside the target’s room. Ring the bell next to the door after that. Then, as soon as the target exits the room, he will die within a few seconds after drinking the poison.

Completing Mission 8:

Go to the kill target’s residence to discover an officer armed with a Type 14 Nambu handgun. Disarm the police and use the gun to kill the target.

All of the handguns described above may be obtained once unlocked by visiting one of the three workbenches in any of the levels, which are indicated by a golden symbol on your map. You can customise and enhance them at any point before or during the task if you are able to sneak around your enemies successfully.

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