How to Whistle in Sniper Elite 5

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Sniper Elite 5 encourages players to be creative in the ways that they solve their quests. This guide will take you through the process of how to whistle in Sniper Elite 5.

Guide to Whistling in Sniper Elite 5

Whistling is one of the vital skills that all players need to learn in Sniper Elite 5. While it might not seem like a big thing, it greatly helps your gamely as you can use your skill to distract guards who might be in your way for a mission that you can’t otherwise complete.

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Once you have distracted the guards, you can lure them into a location in order to take them out quietly. This will help you in stealth missions where you cannot simply headhunt guards one after another as you will get caught by the rest. It’s a more efficient way of stealthily taking out your opponents through means of creating a distraction. 

Another use for whistling is to open up routes that you can pass through. Turns out, you don’t always need guns to win the game, sometimes all it takes is a little bit of creativity. Here are the steps that you need to know in order to whistle.

You will need to equip your whistle ability first, which you can do by bringing up the weapon wheel. This is done by holding the left shoulder button. You will need to highlight the whistle on the right-hand side of the wheel with the analogue stick on the right. Once you release the left button, you will have the whistle equipped. 

Now, you are ready to distract your enemies. Hold the R1 or the RB button in order to emit the whistle tune which will alert any guards nearby. Lure them into the tall grassy areas to kill them without anyone noticing a thing.

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