Sniper Elite 5: How to Destroy the Gun Battery in Mission 1

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Rebellion Developments’ newest tactical shooter video game, Sniper Elite 5 released on 26th May, is being well-received by players and fans of the predecessor Sniper Elite 4. As a third-person shooter game with elements of stealth, the game features several levels which are open-ended, and players can approach their targets however they like. This guide will take you through the process of how to destroy the gun battery in Mission 1 in Sniper Elite 5.

How to Destroy the Gun Battery in Sniper Elite 5

The versatility of the missions is a boon as you can find creative ways to solve them. The quests involve several objectives which will enable you to get up to three stars on completion. You will be able to earn a fair amount of experience points from them as well as the skill which is required if you wish to progress further in the game.

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As the game is set in the backdrop of World War II, the first mission will require you to destroy some German forces. You can choose to make them explode in order to assassinate the targets. There are some specific methods that you can employ to kill these targets, which you will come to know as you play further into the level.

The mission is to kill the target called Steffen Beckendorf, and you can cause an explosion by planting a bomb or throwing a grenade in his way. Once you have done so, you will need to destroy the gun battery on the island so that it doesn’t cause any further damage to your plans. You will need to navigate to the northwest corner of the map, which has guards milling about.

You can choose to snipe all the guards from a distance before sneaking in. There is a locked door under the gun battery that you need to open with a key, or a Satchel Charge. Once you’re in you can choose to disable the gun battery or blow it up.

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