Roblox Slayers Unleashed May 2022 Private Server Codes List

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Playing Roblox on a private server is a great alternative to playing on the official Roblox game servers. Some may prefer it because they have been into the game for so long and want something new, but aren’t able to find anything; others may because they enjoy creating their own content in the form of role-playing games or just don‍’ t like playing with randomly selected players who might not be that fun to play with. 

The best way to unlock new powers and abilities on Roblox is using the power of codes in your Slayers Unleashed game! Codes can grant you the demon rerolls you need to help you get ahead of the game, whether it be for a special event or just for fun. However, there are many ways to use codes which don’t depend on games.

Whatever your reason(s) for doing this, we are happy to share our private server list created with some friends from diverse communities and from different regions of the world as well . We want you to see how many different main ROBLOX games you can use on custom ROBLOX server.

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Roblox Slayers Unleashed codes (May 2022)

Here are all of the most recent Slayers Unleashed codes available to the players.

v 0.80 CodesRewards
;code broski1 (1-5) (NEW)Breathing reroll
;code EGGSPLOSION1 (1-5)Breathing reroll
;code MAX_PRESTIGE1 (1-5)Breathing reroll
;code MAX_PRESTIGE1 (1-5)Breathing reroll
;code new_BRTHIN1 (1-5)Breathing reroll
;code easter_bunny1 (1-5)Clan reroll
;code crasher1 (1-5) (NEW)Clan reroll
;code trainfight1 (1-5)Clan reroll
;code charm1 (1-5)Demon Art reroll
;code eggshell1 (1-5)Demon Art reroll
;code storymode 1 (1-5) (NEW)Demon Art reroll
;code eggman1 (1-5)Slayer Mark reroll
;code ELOELO1 (1-5) (NEW)Slayer Mark reroll
;code league1 (1-5)Slayer Mark reroll
;code happy_3ast3r Stat reset
;code happy_saturdayyStat reset
;code MAY_MONTH (NEW)Stat reset
;code o_o1 (1-5) Race reroll
;code maymay1 (1-5) (NEW)Race reroll

Based on the popular Japanese anime series Demon Slayer, Slayers Unleashed takes its gameplay from the hit point management RPG format where your character has both HP (health points) and EP (energy points). Based around improving your skills as you progress through each mission, Slayers Unleashed is a game that drives seasoned RPG fans to their limits as they track down and ultimately defeat ever-stronger demons.

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