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Quora Touches 300 Million Monthly Users – What it Means for Businesses


Quora is slowly but steadily creeping into digital market strategy discussions. While most businesses still choose to avoid the Q&A platform, Quora with 300 million monthly visitors in 2019 has joined the elite club of social media sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit) with over 300 million users.

So, what does this mean for your business?

Quora might not work for every business in the same way, for some, it might work wonders, while others might only experience a slight difference, but as they say “Luck favors the brave”, so dive into the platform and explore with the help of our blog – How to use Quora for business.

With such a large number of monthly users, Quora can provide similar benefits as other social media sites and much more.

Inbound Traffic

The traffic originating to your website from Quora will be high-quality. Although, there are no stats as of yet that shows the conversion rate of Quora leads; however, the bounce rate of Quora traffic is significantly lesser than other social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Since users come to Quora to read reviews and product information, they are more likely to make a purchase than other platforms. And with the increase in monthly visitors, it’s more good news for your business. Running ads on Quora is also very effective, you can target specific questions or topics related to your business.

For every topic on Quora, there are thousands of ‘best’ questions such as “what is the best SEO agency in Melbourne”, “What is the best SEO agency to rank for keywords”, “what is the best SEO company in Melbourne”, etc. Getting your name up there with the competition should be your aim.

Writing answers on Quora is a time-consuming task; however, the rewards outweigh the pain of writing the answers. Every company must target at least the top 40 questions on Quora related to their niche. The content you post on Quora is evergreen, meaning it will generate traffic for your business in the years to come.    

Brand Reputation

By nature, a Q&A site can be a review website. Users ask questions about your brand, which is answered by other users. A user can answer the question about your business inaccurately. Only you can provide the answer based on facts and information supported by statistics. Hence, being present on the platform to manage your brand reputation is essential. Although several brands are present on Quora, I know Ahrefs to be constantly managing their brand reputation by answering questions.

Most marketers view a platform as a conversion tool; however, it does not necessarily have to provide a direct brand value. By managing your reputation appropriately, you are increasing the long-term brand value of the company. And as any management guru would tell you, it’s the brand that sells in the long-run. Hence, if not for traffic and conversion, your company should be on Quora to manage your brand reputation.

Today, competition on social media sites is intense, and a competitor would go to extensive lengths to tarnish your brand. Not being there to respond would indicate to the users that whatever said is true.

Again, 300 million users are a large number of people getting the wrong impression about your brand.  

CPC Turnover

As Quora is just coming under the radar of most companies, there is not a lot of statistics to support claims, but we hope to include statistics in the future. The experience we have had with running CPCs for companies from a variety of industries is that CPC on Quora is very effective and not to mention cost-effective when we compare it to Facebook and Google Ads.

Content Ideas

Quora has always been a great place for content ideas. If you observe the questions people are asking about your industry, you will have the content ideas or questions you need to answer in the next blog. But with its popularity, the content ideas can be more precise. All you need to do is find the questions, a large number of people are following and that is your clue for the next blog. Repurposing blogs to answer questions is also great, which can again assist in driving traffic to the website.

Wrapping it up

Quora has great potential; at first sight, it might not appear as much, but as you explore the platform you realize the hidden potential of the platform. With the monthly users on the platform exceeding 300 million, it’s just another reason to rethink your marketing strategy and include Quora in it.

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