How Many People Use Reddit in 2023

Kirthana K
Kirthana K

Reddit is one of the more popular media platforms and covers almost all topics you can imagine. The popularity of Reddit was brought about by the inclusion of subreddits, which are several niche sections on the site. Each subreddit caters to the individual needs of the user. The site seems to be a go-to for various netizens to search, post, and explore topics of interest. It is one of the few places where users can speak to other like-minded people.

According to the latest stats, one in three US users aged 18 to 29 use Reddit. On average, each user spends 9 minutes and 58 seconds of viewing time per visit. There are around 2.8 million subreddits to explore, and the site supports typed posts, videos, and images. Due to it, Reddit now boasts of having 52 million daily active users worldwide in 2023, and has 1.5 billion registered users. While it might seem like a lot, it still doesn’t fare well with the daily active user count of other social media sites, like YouTube and Facebook.

Reddit is standing in the 10th spot as the most used social media and networking platform globally. It is also the 6th most popular website in the US. Nearly 48.9% of active users on the site are from the US, followed by the UK and Canada (7.73%), and Australia (4.14%). The current demographic for Reddit is young adults, and the most popular gender to visit the site is males. Every six out of ten Reddit users fall under that gender category. Since it is catered more to English speakers, you will find a majority of the users hailing from those countries.

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