Top 20 Most Upvoted Post on Reddit 2023

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Reddit is such a popular website in the US and around the world for a reason, it’s entertaining and enriching posts. But not all posts are created or treated equal. Innumerable posts make it to the front page of Reddit every day, but rarely do they stay there. We are here to discuss the most upvoted Reddit posts of all times or the most liked Reddit post.


So, here goes our list of the top 20 most upvoted Reddit posts.

20. Middle child asserting dominance over all others (r/funny)

Redditors love nothing more than humor. This video titled middle child asserting dominance over all others features one girl taking on her sister. Wait! The younger brother walks in, it’s all fair game now. She tips both of them off the log, without mercy. 

With 164K upvoted, this is the 20th most popular or upvoted post on Reddit.

There is another winner of the 20th spot with equal amount of upvotes it’s –

Friendly reminder that China is running concentration camps… (r/pics)

This political post instantly resonated with Redditors. Outraged with the current situation in China, where a certain class of people are put in concentration camps. Redditors showed their anger with the post becoming one of the most upvoted Reddit posts of all times. 

19. Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, dies by suicide: Officials (r/news)

This post in the r/news subreddit received 165K upvotes and 33.4K comments. The post is an extension of a news piece by ABC News that claims the suicide death of Jeffery Epstein – a sex trafficker. The millionaire who was facing prosecution on sex trafficking charges committed suicide. Redditors expressed mixed views with some firing on the DA and inept law enforcement.

18. CONGRATULATIONS FELIX & MARZIA (r/PewdiepieSubmissions)

A post congratulating Flexi aka Pewdiepie and Marzia on their marriage. Redditors expressed their love and admiration of couple with 167K upvotes and 3.9K comments. Both Flexi and Marzia are popular Youtubers.

17. The moment this jogger realized he stumbled into my friends’ engagement photo… (r/pics)

A hilarious reaction captured as one of the best candid of all times. A jogger runs into a photoshoot of a man proposing marriage and gives one of the best expressions. Redditors being who they are started commenting with scenario suggestions for this jogger and the post is upvoted 168K times and 3.1K comments.

16. This is Tiger. He just turned 31. We are told he is the oldest cat in the state of Illinois (r/aww)

Cats live an average life of 15 years, so naturally this cat living up to 31 was a surprise and this allowed the post be become one of the most upvoted post on Reddit. Some Redditors suggested their cat living up to 24, but nothing like this grandcat. The cat has claimed the title of being the oldest cat in the state of Illinois.

The post received 169K upvotes and 4.3K comments securing the 16th spot on list of most upvoted Reddit posts.

15. Simpsons predicted it yet again (r/memes)

Greta Thunberg, the Swedish environmental activist impassioned speed at the UN Climate Action Summit has an uncanny resemblance with the speech of Lisa Simpson on The Simpsons. The resemblance of the speech on The Simpsons cannot be mistaken. Redditors believe that the hit American TV Show had once again predicted the future. The creators even predicted the exact clip of Donald Trump with Greta Thunberg.

This post received 173K upvotes and 2.9K comments.

14. Irish man leaves funny recording for his funeral! (r/funny)

Another popular post from the r/funny subreddit. This post features a humorous audio clip left by a man to be played at his funeral. It cracks smiles and laughter at the funeral. The Reddit post got an astounding amount of upvotes to make it one of the most liked Reddit post of all times. The Reddit post received 176K upvotes and 2.6K comments.

Another post with 176K upvotes contesting for the 14th place is this post.

This image of Xi Jiping as Winnie the Pooh is illegal in mainland China (r/pics)

This funny image of Chinese President Xi Jinping is banned in China. Redditors seemed confused and intrigued with this funny pic as to way a pic would be banned and one with such an uncanny resemblance to Winnie the Poo. This post received 982 comments and 176K upvotes.

13. Guy Naruto Runs Past News Anchor for Storm Area 51 (r/gifs)

A guy is seen running behind a live news telecast in a posture that resembles the popular Japanese action sci-fi animation character Naruto. Redditors has a blast with this videos with some really entertaining comments. This Reddit is still open for comments. Currently, the upvote for this post in the r/gifs subreddit is 180K and the comments are 2.5K.

12. The dog is supposed to run up in front of her and sit (r/aww)

Another post from the r/aww subreddit making it to the most upvoted posts on Reddit. Who does not love a dog or cat video? A hilarious one? Thank you. This post managed 183K upvotes from Redditors and 2.5K comments.

11. I got a cease and desist for making the Crocs Gloves (r/pics)

R/pics, a popular subreddit when it comes to receiving upvotes. Another great post, you have to see it to understand the humor. So, I won’t make an effort to explain it to you. Just follow the link and you are sure to have a laugh. This post got 191K upvotes and 4.8K comments.

10. Printers (r/funny)

The post features a cartoon making fun of printers. It says how a printer would refuse to print when it’s low on a particular color even when the print does not require the color. Redditors have shared some very interesting and funny experiences they have had with printers. This post ranks 10th on our list of most upvoted post on Reddit with 192K upvotes and 2.4K comments.

09. I drew all the boys together and I did it for the internet (r/memes)

Image post drawn by the Redditor Sickpupz that brings all the male cartoon characters over the years from The Simpson, Spiderman, Garfield, Pikachu, Donald Duck, Winnie the Poo, and others. This post received 204K upvotes and 4.2K comments.

08. Dad’s superman like reflex saves 2 children (r/gifs)

A dad’s super human reflex saves the lives of his children from an approaching car. Nothing better than saving the life of someone. A well-deserved post to be placed at the 8th rank with 204K upvotes and 5.7K comment.

Another post with 204K upvote and the contender for the 8th spot among the most upvoted Reddit posts of all time is DEMOCRACY NOWThe Hong Kong protect seeking democracy and freedom from China. This post and as an extension the movement was supported by Redditors. The post received 4.8K comments.

07. Blizzard Employees Staged a Walkout After the Company Banned a Gamer for Pro-Hong Kong Views (r/news)

Another subreddit making its appearance again in our list of the most upvoted Reddit posts. This news post covers the Activision Blizzard employees walking out of work to protest a decision of the company against a supporter of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. This post gathered 212K upvotes and 9.8K comments. The Reddit community stood with the Hong Kong protesters with comments openly displaying their support.

06. Take your time, you got this (r/gaming)

With 221K upvotes, this post in the r/gaming subreddit secures the 6th spot in our list of most upvoted Reddit post. It highlights, how the games you like or play regularly does not resonate with your friends in the same way. The post received 3.3K comments.

05. A flight attendant – Shelia Fredrick, who saved a Girl from the trafficker (r/pics)

This flight attendant is a hero having saved the life of an innocent girl from human trafficker. Shelia Fredrick left a note in the bathroom which the girl used to advise her situation, police were called and the older man – the trafficker was arrested. Naturally, this heroism was appreciated on Reddit and secured over 222K upvotes and 4.4K comments.

04. Thanks, Obama (r/pics)

After such a long tenure as the president of the United States, the last day of Obama in office had to create some fuss. This pic of Obama waving at the crowd on his last day received 230K upvotes and 6.1K comments. While some users thanked Obama for his services, other welcomed the replacement.

03. Guardians of the Front Page (r/funny)

This is what I call context. This post is perfect for Redid, it resonates with each and every user, and in fact it resonates with all types of social media users. Until some time ago, this was the most liked Reddit post with the current upvote standing at 283K and 5.0K comments. Here see the gif for yourself.

02. A cab driver makes the cover of a magazine – his excited pic with the magazine (r/funny)

Redditors loved this pic of a cab driver with the magazine in which he is at the cover licking a Popsicle. The post received 307K upvotes and 2.5K comments making it the 2nd most upvoted Reddit post of all times.

01. The Senate. Upvote this so that people see it when they Google “The Senate” (r/movies)

With 349K upvotes, this is the most upvoted post on Reddit of all times. It has been on top since years now. Posted in r/movies, there is unlikely we would soon see a post that receives more upvotes than this, then again, it’s Reddit. Who knows I wake up tomorrow and there is a post that gets 500K upvotes.

Looking forward to extending this list in the future. Don’t forget to check out our other blogs. Happy Redditing!   

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