15 Quora Statistics for Marketers in 2023

 15 Quora Statistics for Marketers in 2023

Generating content is the most difficult aspect of marketing, according to most marketers. This has kept marketers away from Quora.

What is Quora? For those unfamiliar with Quora, it’s a Q&A platform where users ask queries, and read and share insightful answers. Upvote and Downvote are used to rank the quality of answers.

The platform is daunting for marketers because users on Quora are savvy millennials, who can spot promotion from a mile away; they can detect marketing and will Downvote or report the answer until it gets removed. However, when you become a part of the community and add value it can provide a lot of benefit to your brand such as:

  • Traffic
  • Testing New products
  • Discovering Blog Topics
  • Branding
  • Leads, and more.

Continuing to ignore Quora in 2023 is the biggest mistake you might be making. Sure, mastering the platform takes effort, but Quora is worth it. Here are some Quora statistics that reflect its importance for marketers.

Top 15 Quora Statistics Marketers Should Know

1. Quora has over 300 million monthly active users (possibly 450 million)

As of Sep 2018, Quora surpassed 300 million monthly active users. That is close to big names in social media such as Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Facebook remains far away, but at the rate Quora is growing, it would be no surprise if it surpasses the above three social media site in terms of monthly active users.

If we consider speculation on Quora and the past growth rate of Quora, we can conclude that the currently active user per month on Quora will be above 450 million users.

2. 37% of Quora users are in a decision-making roles in companies

Next to LinkedIn, Quora has the most number of professionals. Surprisingly, people with a key role in leading organizations are on Quora and ready to share their expertise. This is one of the most unique aspects of Quora. You can find the CEO of Google, Quora, Ahrefs, and others answering regular user’s questions. The large presence of professional with a management position makes Quora an opportunity for B2B marketers. As you explore the platform, you will find thousands of questions related to your industry. People want to know about the best products. Featuring your products in the form of answers in those questions can increase the chances of generating quality leads for the website.

3. 61% of Quora users have a college degree and 54% users with household income above $100,000 annually     

If a large number of professional gathering was not an indication, then this Quora statistics proves Quora has the largest percentage of educated people compared to other platforms with 65% having a college degree, 28% with a graduation degree, and 54% people with a household income of more than $100,000 annually.

4. Great for businesses targeting customers in India, the US, and Canada

Quora is great for any country, but many people using the platform daily are from India, the US, and Canada making it crucial for companies targeting customers in these countries. As per Alexa’s Audience Geography for Quora, India contributes 38.8% of visitors, the US 24%, and Canada 3.4%. Considering the 300 million monthly visitors, the numbers for each country are staggering.

5. 61% of Traffic on Quora Originates from Search Engines

61% of visitors on the website come from search engines and Google accounts for 50.4% of traffic on Quora. So, if you thought SEO was the only way to attract organic traffic, think again. Google has been indexing Quora’s answers on the SERP and more so in 2019. Most question-based queries display one or more Quora results. With the increase in voice search, this trend is expected to rise further with more Quora results on the SERP. By answering questions on Quora with a link to your website, you stand to attract traffic for even the most difficult keywords.

6. 37.8% of Quora Users Visited Google Right after Using the Platform

Due to the nature of the platform, which is a Q&A site, most people come looking for specific answers to their queries, it can be about products and services or a brand. 37.8% of people visit Google right after using the site. They might be searching for a brand or a product they came across on an answer. By placing your brand among the answers, you stand to create quality leads that can become customers.

7. Quora has 12.8 Million Ranking Keywords

With the above two Quora statistics, we arrive at the ranking keywords of Quora on search engines, which is a staggering 12.8 million as obtained from Moz. This Quora stats reinforces point 5 that Quora is great for attracting traffic from a wide range of keywords, which through SEO would take a lot of time and money.

8. Quora’s Domain Authority is 93, and Domain Rating (Ahref) is 91

According to Ahrefs, Quora ranks as the 26th most visited website in the US and the world. Moz places Quora at 389th among the top websites in the world in terms of domain authority. Quora does not provide Do-follow backlinks; however, it’s a great website with very high DA to build the perfect backlink profile with a balance of Do-follow and No-follow backlinks. Backlinks on Quora are eternal as long as the website stands. You can generate leads and traffic from an answer for several years after posting the answer.

9. Visitors Spend 4:08 Minutes on Quora

An average visitor spends 4:08 minutes on the website and views at least 2.50 pages or answers on average. This makes Quora one of the most engaging websites on the web, great for running ads.

10. Current Alexa Rank of Quora is 226

Alexa rank for Quora has witnessed a sharp turn if you compare month-month. In 2018, Quora ranked 86th at a point and dropped to 261 in Oct-19. As of Dec-19, it has regained it Alexa Rank to 226 and by Feb-2020, it’s expected to again be placed among the top 100 websites in terms of global internet traffic and engagement. Hence, content marketing Quora should be a part of your marketing strategy.

11. Gender Ratio

The male-female ratio on Quora is slightly tilted towered men with 57-43 ratio; however, the site remains equally engaging and opportunistic for both genders. As a marketer, whichever gender you are targeting Quora digital marketing should be a part of your strategy.

12. Mobile Traffic Constitutes 3/4 of the Traffic

With the popularity of mobile devices and a growing trend of users visiting social media sites, the users of Quora via mobile devices make up to 75%.

13. Topics on Quora Have Millions of Followers

Popular topics on Quora has millions of visitors. Here are the most active topic categories and followers:

  • Auto – 7,346,616 Followers
  • Technology – 71,846,300 Followers
  • Entertainment – 83,847,847 Followers
  • Shopping – 12,586,967 Followers
  • Higher Education – 16,289,433 Followers
  • Health – 73,494,588 Followers
  • Travel – 57,519,648 Followers
  • Fashion and Design – 42,423,035 Followers
  • Business – 58,780,353 Followers
  • Marketing – 29,501,893 Followers
  • Learning – 54,980,550 Followers

14. Businesses Using Quora Ads Report 4X Conversion

No doubt, due to the large percentage of professional users with management positions, Quora remains one of the best platforms for advertisers and marketers. Companies that are leveraging the Quora ads report 4x more conversions.

15. More than 400,000 Topics

Quora qualifies as one of the best platforms for content marketing with over 400,000 topics. No matter how unique your business is, you will find questions and users on Quora who are interested to learn about your business. With these Quora statistics, we believe you must be convinced the Quora is a great platform for any business. 

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