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Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

The Briar bush has a wide range of use in New World. You are required to find the Briar Branches as part of completing a quest. At the time of writing, there are not many users for Briar Branches besides their use in “No Confidence Stew” quests; however, when you find a Briar bush, you can also find other materials such as the Briar Buds and Thorny Vines. These are useful in making the Weak Mana Potion. Stick with the post and we will share the best New World Briar Branches locations.

New World Briar Branches Locations

The best place to find Briar Branches is near rivers, but sometimes you can also find them around other water sources. They are quite distinct as the bush is mostly branches angled in one another. Just ensure that you look near the water sources, sometimes a little further, but mostly they grow on the edges of the river. Briar Branches are not the most difficult resource to gather in the game and you can get it quite early.

New World Briar Branches Locations

If you want the exact location where you can find some Briar Branches, go to the river close to Grenville and you should find plenty there.

How to Make Weak Mana Potion in New World

As mentioned earlier, the Briar Bush also provides you with the Briar Buds and Thorny Vines. These can be used to craft the Weak Mana Potion. But, these resources are not just required for the potion, they are also a part of Town missions.

You will need quite a lot of them to complete the Town Missions. The Weak Mana Potion as the name suggests is quite weak, but if you are just starting out with the game, it can come in handy.    

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