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New World Lemons Location- Where to find Lemons

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New World is a recent survival game released by Amazon Games, available only on PC. Like most other survival games in New World, players also need food to survive and regain their health. To get the food, they need to cook it from the ingredients available. Lemons are among one of those ingredients that you need to cook food. You cannot harvest lemons; you can only get them from Provision Crates.

In this guide, we’ll discuss where you can find lemons in New World.

New World Lemons Location- Where to find Lemons

As we have mentioned before that lemon can only be found in the Provision Crate. So, you need to search for them. Finding lemon is not very hard because you can get them all over the map of the New World. Weaver’s Fen, Restless Shore, and Great Cleave are the three best locations to search for Provision Crates that contain lemons.

The easiest location to get lemon is Weaver’s Fen. Here you can get the Crates near the town, and up to level 35, you’ll not find any enemy there to fight with. To explore Restless Shore, you have to level yourself up to level 40. Though you’ll get many chests containing lemon at the North side of this place, you’ll find some enemies as well.

The most difficult location to get lemon is Greate Cleave. It is a high-level area. To explore this area, you have to level up yourself to level 41 at least. You’ll get a lot of provision crates to get lemon, and also, you’ll face some strong enemies during your search for lemon in Great Cleave. The two best spots to get lemon in Great Cleave are Cleave’s Point and Eastburn.

These are the locations where you can get lemons in New World.

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