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New World Orange Locations- Where to Find Oranges

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New World is a recently released adventure survival game by Amazon Games that has gained a lot of popularity in the gaming world. Like every other survival game, New World also has cooking ingredients that players can use to make different recipes. Some of these ingredients are readily available, and some are hard to find. Oranges are among those hard-to-find ingredients. You can find them only in some specific regions.

In this article, we’ll tell you the locations where you can get oranges.

New World Orange Locations- Where to Find Oranges

As we have previously mentioned that Oranges are one of the hard-to-find ingredients. So you can get them in a handful of places. Remember that oranges can only be found in Provision Crates. Mourningdale, Cutlass Keys, and Edengrove are the three places where you can find the oranges.

 In Mourningdale and Edengrove, you’ll find only a few chests, and to explore these areas, you need to level yourself up. To explore Mourningdale, you need level 45, and to explore Edengrove, you need to reach level 51. Therefore, you can only find oranges from these two areas when you have enough level. Because these areas come at a higher level, they have some excellent rewards.

Cutlass Keys is a region that you can enter with level 28. So if you don’t have enough level to enter the other two regions, you can explore this area and hunt all the provision crates to find oranges. In this area, you can also find some enemies ranging from level 26 to level 29.

Oranges are hard to find; even though you know the areas where you can get them, you have to have enough levels to access those areas. If you face difficulties finding oranges while playing, you can take the help of this guide to know the locations.

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