Muck – How to Beat Bob the Dragon Final Boss Guide

Muck - How to Beat Bob the Dragon Final Boss Guide

You can play Muck infinitely and that’s what the developer intended when they first designed the game. The game challenges you to survive day after day in the increasingly tough world. However, the Muckdate 3 or the Muck Update 3 introduces an ending to the game. The ending of the game is optional and you can continue playing as it is now or go for the ending. To end the game, you need to defeat Bob the Dragon, the final boss introduced in the latest update.

Before we tell you how to beat Bob the Dragon in Muck, let’s talk a bit about the update. The Muckdate 3 introduces a bunch of new items such as Obamium Ore, Black Shard, Ruby, etc. that are required if you want to complete the game. After the update, you need to search for caves as they have important resources and sometimes even the most powerful weapons such as Night Blade. There is a seed in Muck that allows you to spawn near a cave that contains the Night Blade.

Before you get to the ending and beat the dragon, there are a ton of things you need to do. Stick around and we will take you through the entire process.

How to Beat Bob the Dragon in Muck

Before you start, opting for a seed that gives you a head start in the game would allow you to get to the ending soon. Refer to the above link and select the best seed.

To beat the Bob the dragon in Muck, you need to first find and repair the shipwreck boat. Once the boat is fixed, you can sail on it and would come up on the dragon. But, repairing the boat is a huge task as it requires you to fulfil several small tasks. Let’s go over the challenges one by one.

The update has added Guardians to the game and there are a total of five indicated on the map by five different colored Octagon shapes. All the five dragons drop a different gems that’s crucial to repairing the shipwreck. The weapon of choice to defeat the guardians should be Ancient Bow or Gronk’s Sword.

After you have the five gems, there are a ton of other resources you need to collect to repair different parts of the ship. The resources are

  • 30 Wood for Two Broken Ladders
  • 30 Wood for Five Holes on the boat
  • 12 Iron Bar for Engine
  • 7 Obamium Bar for Engine Base
  • 7 Adamantite Bar, 25 iron Bar, 14 Ruby, 5 Gem for different Engine parts
  • 1 Ancient Core for Core
  • 20 Dark Oak Wood for Mast
  • 5 Rope and 12 Flax Fiber for Sail
  • 30 Wheat, 60 Rock, 10 Raw Meat, and 80 Wood for Eight Supply Crates
  • 15 Fir Wood for Stairs
  • 10 Gold Bar for Gold Pipes
  • 8 Dark Oak Wood for Ships’s Wheel
  • 15 Oak Wood for Hut

How to Find the Shipwreck Boat

Before you can start the repair, you need to find the Shipwreck first. The map with the location of the Shipwreck should be in the nearest cave where you spawn. If you can’t find it in the cave, look in the Hut or the Cart. Once you have the map, head to the Shipwreck and start the process of repair.

Encounter and Take Bob the Final Boss Down

After completing all the repairs of the boat, you can sail and soon the Dragon would rise from the water. Before the fight, ensure that you have the Ancient Bow, Elemental arrows, and Night Blade on you. It would make the fight easier.

The Dragon has three main types of attack – he will shoot fireballs, try to slam you with its fist, and a fire flame.

When the fight starts, keep shooting at the final boss with your arrows. After the boss takes a good amount of damage, it will land on the boat. At this point, use the boat as cover and keep up with the sneak attack with the bow and arrow. At some point, the Dragon will start to burn the ship. When the ship stats to burn, you need to start moving and dodge the fire, use the bow and arrow when in a distance. If close enough, use the Night Blade. When you deplete Bob of all its health, the fight will be over and you would have won.

The health of the boss depends on the level of the player. In the end, there would be a Victory banner confirming that you have defeated the game. SO, this is how to beat Muck.    

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