Muck – How to use Obamium

Muck – How to use Obamium

Obamium is a resource you find quite early in the game. In fact, we found it the first time we spawned. It’s a metal that’s been added to the game after the Update 3. It appears to be pink in color, but you cannot mine it unless you have a special equipment. Some players managed to mine it, but are wondering what the use of Obamium in Muck is? If you are wondering the same, in this Obamium guide, we will show you how to use Obamium in Muck.

How to Use Obamium in Muck

To mine the Obamium metal, you require the Adamantine Pickaxe, which itself can be obtained from Green Rocks. Although Obamium are quite easy to find, you usually find a single one in a place. When we spawned, we found our first Obamium directly in front of us, but other were a hard find. New caves are a great place to find a few of them. Once you find the Obamium, use the Adamantine Pickaxe to mine it.

How to use Obamium in Muck

To use Obamium in Muck, you need to first smelt it and make it into bars. Once the Obamium Bars, Black Shard, and Dark Oak Wood is accumulated, you unlock the recipe to make the Night Blade sword – one of the best weapon in the game. Black Shards are dropped by Guardians. Dark Oak Wood can either be obtained as a drop from Gronk or chop Dark Oak trees using the Adamantite Axe. Once you have 10 Obamium Bars, 1 Black Shard, and 15 Dark Oak Wood, you can use the Anvil to make the Night Blade sword.  

Another way to use the metal is to first locate the shipwrecked boat. You can find the map for the boat in any of the caves. If the cave in your spawn does not have the map, look for green chests usually found in huts, but can also be on wagons.

Once you have the map, head to the shipwreck and you have the option to repair various parts of the boat, which requires different sets of materials. Obamium is required for the Engine Base. But, you must first fix the ship’s engine located on the deck, it requires 12 Iron Bars. Once you do that, you will have the option to repair other advanced parts that require rarer materials. You require 5 Obamium Bars among other materials to fix the Engine Base.

So, there are the two uses of Obamium in Muck at the time of writing the post.     

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