Muck Traders Camp Items Guide

Muck Traders Camp Items Guide

Muck Update 4 brings some new things to the game including achievements, trader camps, new bosses, and finally, the game can be played on Linux and Mac. Although the stability of the game on those operating systems is not guaranteed by the developer. Today, we are taking this post to detail you about the Traders Camp and the items you can get from them. After update 3, the trader camps would spawn around the map randomly.

Types of Traders and Items on Sale in Muck

The new update has added trader camps, where you can open crates to get free items as well as various types of traders that sell specific items. Let’s have a look at all the items available in the Muck trader camp guide.

Muck Traders Camp Items Guide

There are houses in the village that contain crates. These crates offer a range of items. While you are in the village, you can also destroy things such as log to get wood, logpile to get wood, rockpile to get rock, barrels to get coin, bread, rocks, wheat, and wood, and Chief’s chest to get improved items.

There are various types of traders you can find in the village with specific items to sell. Here are the traders and the items they offer.

Smith Trader – The smith trader offers items that you can find with other traders as well but can come quite handy. Below are the items.

Muck Smith Trader

Chef Trader – As the name indicates, this trader mostly offers food items such as Bowl, Dough, Wheat, Cooked Meat, Apple Pie, Purple Soup, Weird Soup, and Wood. Look at the below image for cost and quantity.

Muck Chef Trader

Woodcutter Trader – The Woodcutter offers various types of wood and tools such as Coal, Borch Wood, Fir Wood, Wood, Oak Wood, Admantite Axe, Mithril Axe, Steel Axe, and Wood Axe. Look at the below image for cost and quantity.

Muck Woodcutter Trader

Wildcard Trader – This trader in the village offer Flax, Cooked Meat, Meat Pie, Weird Soup, Obamium Ore, Rock, Dark Oak Wood, and Anvil. Look at the below image for cost and quantity.

Muck Wildcard Trader

There is another type of villager you can find that offers nothing. So, that’s all you need to know about Traders in Muck.

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