Muck – How to Get and Use Ruby

Muck - How to Get and Use Ruby

A lot of new things were added to the game after update 3 including an ending to the game. Most of the items and enemies in the game severe towards one objective and that’s getting to the end of the game. So, you must have guessed it. Ruby plays a crucial role if you want to complete Muck. In this quick guide, we will show you how to get Ruby and what is it used for in Muck.

How to Get Ruby in Muck

To get the Ruby in Muck, you need to look into caves much like a lot of items in the game, but you can’t simply take it from a chest like other items, instead, you need to mine it. For the purpose of mining, you require the Adamantite Pickaxe. To make the pickaxe, you require Adamantite which can be obtained from green rocks. Once you have the pickaxe, look for orange materials on the ground and walls of the cave and mine it.

How to Use Ruby in Muck

As mentioned earlier, Ruby leads to the end game. It’s required to repair the Shipwreck boat. When you go looking for the Ruby or if you have already found it, look for the green chest in caves, it contains a map that has the location of the boat. Once you find the boat, you can start the repair. Start with the ships’s deck engine. Once you have completed that, there would be a range of other fixes that would become accessible. One of them uses Ruby. You would require 11 Ruby for the task. At the same place, you would also require some other new items from update 3 such as Obamium. To fully repair the ship you require a lot of items and the whole thing can take a while.

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