All Best Muck Seeds – Including Update 3

All Best Muck Seeds - Inlcuding Update 3

Muck Seeds are great as they provide you a good start to the game by spawning you next to prized items. To use a Seed you need to host your own game and on the right side of the screen, you will see the settings Menu, the last option is for Seed, here you can enter the best Muck seeds we will share in the post.

Best Working Muck Seeds after Update 3

Muck Seeds have a tendency of resetting or not working after an update. Hence, we have gathered all the seeds that work after the recent update 3 to the game. Here are all the seeds.

221294511 – The best seed so far…

221294511 is the best seed as it spawns you near one of the best weapons in Muck – the Nightblade sword. If you spawn with this seed, you can expect fight at every turn. It’s the perfect seed for experienced players who are looking for some action. As you explore the area when you spawn, you will come across a cave, inside you can find a green chest. Open the chest and you will find the sword. Shipwreck, the new feature of the update 3 will also be in reach with this seed. So, 221294511 is easily the best seed in Muck.

1038521939 – Another great seed you can try

While this seed does not provide the best weapon, you can craft it if you manage to defeat Big Chunk. Once you have the Chunkium Ore, you can use it with the other items you find when you loot chest in the cave to make a powerful weapon. There is a cave nearby when you spawn and it has two chests, don’t forget to open them both.

12323212 – Seed for a good start

With the 12323212 seed you can get the Golden Pickaxe and Steel Helmet from the start of the game. This will give you a good start. When you spawn, head straight and keep going on the left side of the lake. When you see a hut, enter it and you will see two green chests. You will find both the items in the chests. You can also get some gold coins, so you can open more chests. The pickaxe is pretty high level and you have a piece of armor, so that’s a good start to the game.   

Other Muck Seeds from Season 3

  • 1202831105 – You get golden pickaxe, 5 raw obamium, cauldron, 1 boat map, workbench, and more. There are 3 huts and 1 cave, look and open chests in each of them.
  • 146602023 – You get Furnace and Iron Pickaxe.
  • 270721828 – Expect to fight Big Chunk from the get go and you get free pickaxe.
  • 109412323 – Fight the guardian and get lots of healing items.
  • 2111731397 – Expect to fight both Big Check and Gronk.
  • 1466020235 – You get Furnace and Iron Pickaxe.
  • 129137429 – Fight Gronk and get a blade nearby.

So, these are the best Muck Seeds you can start the game with.

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