Is It Possible to Play Nintendo Switch Sports on Switch Lite Explained

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Nintendo Switch Sports is a sports simulation game by Nintendo exclusively for Nintendo Switch players. It is the recent installment in the Wii Sports series and has six popular sports to play- volleyball, badminton (Chambara), soccer, bowling, swordfight, and tennis. Nintendo has announced that golf will join this list as a later update.

Since the game has launched, a lot of players have been asking if Nintendo Switch Sports can be played on Nintendo Lite or not. This guide will help you find the answer to your query.

Nintendo Switch Sports Supports on Nintendo Switch Lite or Not?

Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld and portable console that you can easily use at any place. It is beneficial because you can start playing a game no matter where you are; you don’t need to come to your room to play games on Nintendo Switch. But this device has no detachable Joy-Cons, and this is the reason that some games can’t be played on Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Sports uses motion control of the Joy-Cons to the fullest. Though it is compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite, it has limitations. All the game modes won’t work in Nintendo Switch Lite, especially those that require TV mode. Generally, Nintendo Switch Sports can be played in two modes- Tabletop Mode and TV mode. With Nintendo Switch Lite, players can manage to have Tabletop mode by leaning their Switch Lite to a wall or something like a wall. Alternatively, they can purchase the Lite accessories to put their Switch Lite in Tabletop mode.

Even if players somehow manage to put their Switch Lite in Tabletop Mode, it is impossible to put it in TV mode. Therefore, the players can’t play the majority of the sports in Local co-op mode. In Local co-op mode, sports that require more than one player, like Volleyball, Tennis, and Badminton, need to be played in TV mode. Because Nintendo Switch Light can’t be put in TV mode, these sports won’t support Switch Lite. However, players can enjoy the online multiplayer in Switch Lite.

Players need a set of external Joy-Cons to play Nintendo Switch Sports. They can’t use Switch Pro Controllers instead of Joy-Cons. Pro Controller won’t support Nintendo Switch Sports.

That’s all you need to know about whether Nintendo Switch Sports can be played on Nintendo Switch Lite or not. If you also have the same query, check out our guide for an appropriate answer.

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