Tips and Tricks to Win Bowling Game in Nintendo Switch Sports

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Nintendo has brought back some of the Wii’s best sports games in one package, but with a twist. If you’re coming back to this game series expecting the same gameplay, you could be in for a surprise because Nintendo Switch Sports has some new things going on. You’ll have to adapt or not, but don’t worry – this still feels familiar enough that it’ll be easy for you to succeed.

Bowling is one of the most simple sports around, but much like bowling in real life, there are challenges that must be faced even when facing off against other opponents. Nintendo Switch Sports have a relatively straightforward approach to the sport, but each mode challenges you slightly different than the others, making for an ever-so intriguing spin.

When you play Bowling Special Mode, the two very important things to master are angle and timing. Pro mode will increase difficulty – bringing in greater speed, shorter alley lengths, and taking away your right to choose lane oil-like wax or resin. Use this information about special mode for an easier time and you’ll be a bowling pro in no time.

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Bowling Special Mode in Nintendo Switch Sports: Simple Tips and Tricks

Here are some helpful tips for bowling strikes in the recently released Nintendo Switch game if you’re having problems winning online games or simply want a starting point to improve your score.

  • In Bowling Special Mode of Nintendo Switch Sports, you can bowl across nine unique pin layouts with a variety of challenges that require a different combination of skills to be completed. 
  • The rules are simple – all you have to do is get the ball as close to a target score as possible. Each pin layout has one round with a specific point value and eight additional rounds where you will have to bank off certain obstacles in order to get your ball into the single ring surrounding the many pins.
  • Throughout these obstacles, you need to make sure your timing is right. In Bowling Special Mode all of the obstacles move regularly so this can be mastered with some practice.
  • Mastering the Hook Throw is essential in Bowling Special Mode because you’ll need this technique to pass through certain obstacles. A Hook Throw is performed by physically rotating and twisting the remote around during the throwing motion and winding up of your arm. 
  • Make sure to practice this technique as well in regular bowling mode to better understand how you can use these skills so that you can win prizes at the bowling alley.

After you have got one strike, all you have to do now is to repeat the process until you get a perfect game. That’s a tricky task, but after you’ve mastered it, you should be able to hit strikes with ease in Nintendo Switch sports. 

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