How To Upgrade From Copper Tools to Iron Tools In V Rising

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In V Rising, upgrading your tools from copper is a time-consuming procedure. You will not be able to quickly upgrade from Copper to Iron after unlocking Copper tools. You must first proceed through the tale. You must reach about level 30 to be able to track down and kill Clive the Firestarter on the Blood Altar. 

This V Blood target is required since upgrading to iron tools requires the ability to make a Minor Explosive box, which Clive the Firestarter enables. This article will show you How To Upgrade From Copper To Iron Tools. Here we will explain the process of building up your tools so that you can proceed with the objectives and primary story missions and reach the next level of things.

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Upgrading Copper Tools to Iron Tools

Upgrading from Copper to Iron tools implies having the ability to make some adjustments merely to make the tools here more advantageous, these improvements allow us to level up, advance with a lot of complexity, and work with a little more comfort in the tasks.

Following are the steps to upgrade copper tools to iron tools:

  • We must keep in mind that this upgrading procedure cannot begin immediately after we have the copper instrument and convert it to iron; we must first take care of moving forward in time. 
  • It is critical for achieving the level 30 milestone so that we may track down and kill Clive the Firestarter, which normally occurs at Blood Altar and allows us to make the minor explosive box.
  • By defeating Clive the Firestarter, we are able to track Quincey the Bandit King, which will lead us to the fortress, which is usually protected by thick walls. 
  • We will have to use explosives and plant them on the floor so that they can explode near the walls, and once this process is complete, we will be able to defeat Quincey the Bandit King. 
  • Now unlock the iron recipes to make the necessary modifications to the tools.

In this way, understanding how to upgrade Copper Tools to Iron Tools allows us to work a bit more and put more effort into V Rising.

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