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How to Unlock Cat Ears in Halo Infinite

How to Unlock Cat Ears in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite has a new cat bundle geared towards all cat lovers. The bundle, aptly called the Cat Lovers Bundle, will give players the Purrfect Audio cat ears to attach to their helmets. The bundle is limited time so you can still get it while it’s in the store. Unfortunately, these bundles are not free and will need a certain amount of credit to unlock them. Here is a rundown of all you need to know about the Purrfect Attachment as well as the Cat Lover bundle and how to get it in Halo Infinite.  

How to Get Purrfect Audio Cat Ear Attachment in Halo Infinite  

The Purrfect Audio belongs to the Cat Lovers bundle, which can be found in the store, but it won’t be free. The bundle costs around 1000 credits and it cannot be got by playing the game alone, meaning you need to spend some real-life money to get it. The bundle contains the following:

  • Purrfect Audio helmet attachment
  • Faded Blush Armor Coating
  • Two weapon charms; Tabby and Kat.

The items are purely cosmetic and will help you customize your armor in the game to help you stand out. If you think that the cat ears on other players look cool, then you should get the bundle before the store reset time, i.e., before Tuesday. The bundle will refresh along with the other items in the store, so be sure to get it before the timer runs out.

Buying the Cat Lovers bundle will also give a boost in your Battle Pass for 1000 credits, meaning you get you rank up faster and unlock more items in the game. After purchasing the set, you can go to the “customize” tab in the game to change your appearance and place the new attachments. These attachments only work on the Mark VII armor core.

That’s all there is to know about the Purrfect Audio helmet Attachment and how to get it. You can purchase the bundle in-store by Tuesday to flaunt off your new cat ears before they are gone forever.

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