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Fix Halo Infinite Crashing at Startup or Crash Mid-Game | Stuck on Loading Screen, Long Load Times

Halo Infinite ‘Your account is not authorized to play’ Error

In a surprise mode, Halo Infinite Beta is available for us to play. While the game is currently in beta, it can be considered a release as your experience won’t end after the beta. When the beta ends on 8th Dec, it will mark the launch of the game. During the beta, there were fewer cases of the game crahsing. However, as the game launched yesterday, a lot of players have been complaining about issues that prevent them from launching the game. If you have encountered the Halo Infinite crashing at startup, crash mid-game, stuck on the loading screen, and long load times, the guide will help you.

Note: New solutions and content is added at the bottom of the post. Please go through the Alpha fixes as some of them are still relevant.

Fix Halo Infinite Crashing at Startup or Crash Mid-Game

Alpha Content 26 Sep: As Halo Infinite is still in the very early test phase, optimization is not perfect that can cause the Halo Infinite crashing and crash at startup. But, there are certain things you can do to fix the issue and continue with the game.

When the game crashes, the first thing you should do is check the windows log to see what the cause of the problem is. If there is a mention of memory, the problem may be with the RAM. Ensure that you meet the minimum requirements to play the game. The next thing you can do is boot up the BIOS of the device and disable XMP.

Ensure that the game is installed on the same drive as the OS and have the steam client on the same drive as well. It promotes better communication in some games and may work in this case. If the OS drive is SSD, it would be even better. If that does not work, consider reinstalling the game in another drive than the one currently the game is installed on.

One of the most obvious fixes is to try a few times. When you first launch the game it may crash, but don’t give up the attempt to relaunch the game a few times.

If Halo Infinite crashed before the menu, it could have something to do with the GPU. Most people who reported the problem saw the crash log state an issue with the GPU. There is also a Reddit thread that suggests that specific GPUs may have the problem such as GTX 900. A lot of users with this GPU have their games crashing. It’s caused due to the game’s poor optimization. As this is still the beta, we can expect such issues. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for these users.

As for the Halo Infinite stuck on loading screen and long load times, it’s again the case of poor optimization and can occur in such an early flight test. The game is still quite far from release and such issues are expected. We hope the problem improves as the game comes closer to release. There is another flight test scheduled for next week, so we will see if the problem remains then.

Beta Content Update 16 Nov to Fix Halo Infinite Multiplayer Crashing

  1. Could not find compatible Graphics Device with at least 4GB of available Dive Memory. If you get this error message, it’s probably because your graphics card is not updated. If you are on a laptop, ensure that the game is using the Nvidia or AMD GPU and not the integrated Intel GPU. Also, ensure that your GPU meets the minimum requirements to play the game. Currently, the game seems to have a bug that affects users of GTX 900 Series cards. If you are on the GTX Series 900, the only hope is a patch or using another GPU.
  2. Disable the overlays if the Halo Infinite is crashing on startup, especially the Steam overlay, but GeForce and Discord overlays are also known to cause issues with games crashing and freezing.
  3. For Nvidia users, update the GPU driver to version 496.49.
  4. For AMD users, download the Radeon™ Software Adrenalin for Halo Infinite.
  5. Disable Async Compute from Video Settings if you are using the AMD Radeon RX 500 Series GPU.
  6. Disable Background Recording. To do so, Press Windows Key + I > Gaming > Captures > toggle off Record What Happened on Win 11 and Background Recording on Win 10.
  7. Disable your antivirus or whitelist the game on your Windows Virus and Threat Protection or your antivirus. Also, allow the game through the Windows Firewall.        
  8. Verifying game files on Steam and uninstalling the HD textures DLC can also fix the problem. If you can’t make it to the Menu or get in-game, go to the Steam’s DLC page for Halo Infinite and uncheck the Multiplayer Hi-Res Textures.
  9. If there is an issue with the current installation of the Visual C++ Redistributable, the game will crash and have a poor performance. Reinstall the Visual C++ Redistributable and the issue may be resolved. You need to download both the x64 and x86 versions. Click on the links to download. They are directly from Microsoft website, so don’t worry about downloading something malicious. You can copy and paste the links on another tab to see they belong to MS.  
  10. Don’t use the in-game FPS limit to cap the frame rate in the game. Use your GPU’s control panel. For some reason the in-game FPS settings causes the game to stutter and crash. Settings > Video > Maximum Frame Rate: Unlocked
  11. For uses of the Nvidia GPU, the driver version 472.12 was more stable for playing Halo Infinite. Try to install that and see if that makes a difference.
  12. If you are playing the game on Windows 11, you could try going back to Windows 10. We have installed Windows 11 and can say that the OS is not at its best state now. One of our readers messaged us on Facebook saying that reverting back to Win 10 fixed their problem.
  13. If you are running Razer Synapse, or MSI Afterburner, close the application completely. Even better, run the game in a clean boot environment so all third-party apps are disabled. The steps are in the linked article.         

If the Halo Infinite crashing and won’t start issues are not fixed after all the steps, you should know that the game has a lot of issues with it crashing and the permanent fix can only come from the devs.

That’s all we have for now, but we are working on improving the post so check back soon if you have any of the problem – Halo Infinite crashing at startup or crash mid-game, stuck on loading screen, and long load times.

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  1. These don’t work… i still keep crashing before the sign in screen on startup
    gtx 1060 3vram

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  3. The article simulataneously recommends nvidia driver 496.49 and 472.12. Seems questionable.

    1. Try the newest first and if that fails to launch the game, try the old driver. What’s so questionable about it.

      1. This game is unfixable at this moment I think

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