Fix Problem with Dedicated Server in Halo Infinite

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In an unexpected, but anticipated move the halo Infinite Multiplayer has released. Well not released as the game is in beta, but as soon as the beta ends, the game will release. Like all AAA games, Infinite was flooded with 100s of thousands of players right after launch and it’s put some strain on the server, which is causing the Halo Infinite “There was a problem with the Dedicated Server” Error. If you have encountered this error when launching the game, here is what you can do how you can fix the problem.   

Fix Halo Infinite “There was a problem with the Dedicated Server” Error

You are getting this error because the servers are too busy and unable to accommodate a large number of players. This will likely escalate in the next few days as more and more players join the game unless the devs expand the server capacity. After the initial few days, a lot of players will leave the game, just like any other game and you will have a more stable server. It is a trend we have seen across all AAA multiplayer or co-op games released in the past few years.

At the moment, you can fix the Halo Infinite “There was a problem with the Dedicated Server” error by rebooting the game. The current issue with the game is beyond your control and as such, the only solution is to keep retrying and hope you get through the server queue.

Also, the error may also be a cause of server downtime or ongoing maintenance. Hence, when you get the error, it’s best to check the current status of the Halo Infinite servers at the Twitter handle or the official page.

Besides the server problems, the game has major problems with crashing and black screen. There is also an issue with matchmaking. We hope that the devs get to the bottom of the issue as the game has real potential and it would be a shame if users abandon the game due to these early issues.    

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