Fix Halo Infinite “Update Needed” Error on Xbox

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The first Halo Infinite test flight in Beta took place recently on Windows 10 via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S. Those players who have already registered for testing can now access this incredible game. Since this is the early Beta test, it is obvious to have several technical problems, bugs, and glitches. One of the recent issues facing by players is the “Update Needed” error on their Xbox console. Many players are reporting that when their flight was ready to launch and when they select ‘Halo Infinite – Insider’, they receive the error message that says “Update needed – You need this update, but we can’t get it right now. Try again in a while. (0x8b050033)”. And because of this annoying issue, players are not able to progress in the game. Are you having the same issue? Here is a quick guide on how to fix Halo Infinite ‘Update Needed’ Error on Xbox.

How to Fix Halo Infinite ‘Update Needed’ Error on Xbox

The solution is pretty straightforward as shared by the devs official Twitter handle. You only need to power cycle the Xbox console. There are certain ways to do so but the best is to go through the following simple steps to fix Halo Infinite ‘Update Needed’ error on Xbox.

1. Take your Xbox controller and press the Xbox button.

2. Go to the ‘Profile & system’ tab.

3. Then, select Settings.

4. Next, select the Power mode & start-up

5. And then select the ‘Full shut-down’

6. Next, turn on the Xbox console.

This way, your console will go through the complete power cycle instead of sleep mode.

That’s all for this guide on How to Fix Halo Infinite ‘Update Needed’ error on Xbox.

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