How to Mine at My Time at Sandrock

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While there is plenty of trash on the surface of My Time at Sandrock, if you want the good stuff, you’ll need to descend beneath the remains of pre-calamity civilisation. After 330 years of inactivity, the earth has reclaimed these abandoned retail malls and office buildings, filling them with rock and minerals. Grab your pickhammer, grab your munchies, and go digging for treasure. Just make sure you get to bed before midnight.

Acquiring the Skill to Mine in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock has a few mining locations. After you’ve built the cranes for the scrapyard, you’ll be able to access the first. Once you’ve completed these, you can descend to the first location, the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins. Be cautious: My Time at Sandrock has a lot of fall damage, and trying to avoid the elevator is an excellent way to find out what the punishment for death is.

As you travel through the tale, new ruins appear. If you’re the kind to rely heavily on resource hoarding, you’ll want to take a break now and again to aid the locals, if only to get some fresh rock to break.

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Mining Techniques

The pickhammer is used for the majority of mining. Because the mines are housed in futuristic, pre-catastrophe structures, it’s rather clear to see what can be cut through. It’s the soil. Anything brown is likely to give way to your selection. Simply aim and swing to dig in almost any direction.

If you dig yourself into a hole, you’ll be given a jetpack with infinite lift. Similarly, because some portions of the mine are more vertically oriented, being able to float up to higher regions is beneficial just for travelling about.

Finally, you should take advantage of your scanner. While this conceals the most of your UI, it does highlight where doors are concealed and where uncommon stuff is buried. Unless you want to just excavate the site clean, the scanner is essential for eliminating extra labour. There’s no need to dig aimlessly when it’s merely guiding you to the excellent things.

Going Deeper

You should also consider making as much progress as feasible in each mining as soon as possible. Lower floors provide richer treasure, and elevators on every odd floor allow a shortcut to them. In the first mine, for example, lower areas begin to provide you with tin ore, which may be converted into bronze; a vital material for improving your equipment.

Before you go too far ahead of yourself, keep in mind that certain resources can only be accessed by tools of a specific level. To break apart bigger copper veins, for example, you’ll need the bronze pick. The simple one, on the other hand, may uncover tin and other relics.

Going alone is risky

While the first mine is pretty tranquil, don’t get too comfortable with it. Other ruins include opponents that you should be aware of. Remember that there is no rush in My Time at Sandrock, so put in the time to hone your fighting abilities and weaponry before putting them to the test against enemies. There are many worse things wandering about than rocket chickens.

These opponents become more challenging as you go, so make sure you take the time to polish your abilities and sharpen your swords. Otherwise, you’ll see the game-over screen more frequently than you’d want.

You can always return home

If things become too hairy or your character grows tired, you may quickly return to the mine entrance by bringing up the map screen and hitting the “leave ruins” button (found at the bottom of the screen). This will instantly return you to the entrance, sparing you the work of digging your way back out.

Mining rewards

There are several reasons why you should explore the mines. Most obviously, it’s an excellent technique to locate resources, particularly minerals such as copper and tin. However, while wandering about, you can locate bits of relics that can be assembled at the museum and donated. If you donate enough of them, you will begin to receive benefits. 

Finally, there are uncommon pieces buried throughout the game. Coils and engines can only be discovered by exploring the mines. These may not be immediately beneficial, but keep them on hand for future use.

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