My Time at Sandrock

Refining and Upgrading Items in My Time At Sandrock

Refining and Upgrading Items in My Time At Sandrock

Pathea Games has developed My Time at Sandrock, the second installment in the My Time series. It is set in Sandrock, an arid desert hamlet to the north of Portia, and follows the same timeframe as the original My Time at Portia game. Many new characters are introduced, however some “known faces” are said to appear as well.

In My Time At Sandrock, once your workshop achieves reputation level 2, you’ll be able to inspect and adjust the quality of things by upgrading and refining them, which might affect your commissions as well as increase your weapons and defensive apparel. If you want to learn more about My Time at Sandrock Refining, we’ve got you covered.

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Upgrading Items in My Time At Sandrock

Sandrock items are classified as low, medium, or high quality. In the game, these are represented by different colours, and any object with a green, blue, or purple backdrop shows its quality. Basic goods, such as Stone and Dinas, will have grey backgrounds since they lack characteristics and cannot be enhanced. Both items made in your workshop and those purchased in stores have attributes tied to them.

  • A Green background indicates that an item is of the lowest quality.
  • A Blue background suggests that an item is of medium grade.
  • A Purple background indicates that the item is of excellent quality.

Refining in My Time At Sandrock

To access the Refiner machine, you must first investigate it at Qi’s research lab, after which you may begin modifying the quality of your things. The machine only has one mode of operation and can only upgrade goods, not downgrade them. However, you may examine what specific modifications will be made to an item by upgrading it before finalising the update.

To enhance goods, the Refiner employs a range of minerals and stones. The following are the most typical materials required for upgrades:

  • Quartz
  • Flourite
  • Rosestone  
  • Bloodstone 
  • Lapis Lazuli 
  • Other materials might be ordered on occasion

These minerals may be obtained in the desert if the bridge to Gecko Station is fixed, or in the Gecko Station Ruins once they are no longer dangerous. 

Bloodstone may also be discovered by breaking apart hard stone in the desert near your home, and quartz can be found in smaller amounts in the Eufaula Salvage Ruins. If you don’t have access to the Gecko Station Ruins or aren’t comfortable venturing out into the desert beyond the bridge.

We recommend researching and building an Ore Refinery machine for your workshop, which works similarly to the Recycler and can get you many of these items quickly at the cost of other materials you have.

Certain objects can be polished further after they reach a high level of quality. Weapons, for example, may be improved again at the highest quality to switch out other bonuses, however you cannot pick which perks are allocated in the upgrade.

Quartz is by far the easiest upgrade material to obtain and you’ll come across lots of it, so refining things that require quartz is the way to go if you want to make a bit more on commissions for just a little bit more effort.

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