All Weapon Types Explained in My Time at Sandrock

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My Time at Sandrock is a game set in a desert where the players play as builders. Though apparently, it is a fun game without intense missions or fighting, sometimes players need to complete missions and fight some enemies to save the peace of the world. Because the fighting is not that challenging and it is not a core action game, the game only features a few weapons.

This guide will help you know about the weapons available in My Time at Sandrock.

All Available Weapons in My Time at Sandrock – Complete List

There are more or less six types of weapons available in My Time at Sandrock, and most of them are melee weapons. But these weapons are enough to defeat the enemies. Below we are discussing them in detail-


Hammer is one of the best weapons to fight challenging enemies. Though it is a slow weapon, it hits hard and lowers the Break Bar of the enemy. Hammer is problematic if your enemy is fast.

Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield are common weapons in survival games. They work as both defensive and offensive weapons. While Shield helps you block incoming attacks, Sword enables you to counterattack the enemy.


A dagger is a very swift weapon that quickly lowers the Break Bar of the enemy and then deals a lot of damage. Though its damage output is not high, its attack speed is unparallel.


A Greatsword is a large weapon with high damage output. Its attacks are slow but do a ton of damage to the enemies. Therefore, if you are fighting a powerful enemy, you can use Greatsword.

The Handgun

The Handgun is the only gun available in the game. This handgun consists of six bullets per chamber, and if you perform a headshot, it does the highest damage. Players need to reload the gun after they fire six bullets.


The Spear is another excellent weapon that does hefty damage in the first attack. Players can use Spear to do successive damages quickly. Players can attack their enemies with a Spear from a little distance (the length of the Spear).

These are all the weapons available in My Time at Sandrock. If you are curious to know about the weapons you can acquire throughout the game, check out our guide for help.

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