How to Upgrade the Workbench in My Time at Sandrock

Anjali Patel
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My Time at Sandrock went into early access on May 26, and players are gradually progressing toward a fully improved builder’s workshop. The workbench is one of the most significant tools in the game, and it must be upgraded in order to proceed.

The game does an excellent job of showing how players may construct things, although upgrading the workbench is rather buried and not as clearly described as some other things. Instead of going to Qi for research or the Commerce Guild for a recipe, you’ll need to go into the workbench itself to enhance it.

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Upgrading the Workbench in My Time at Sandrock

Following are the steps to upgrade the Workbench in My Time at Sandrock:

  • Go to the tab that looks like an upload button to improve your workbench. It will then display all of the ingredients required to build the upgrade. 
  • Hovering your mouse over an ingredient in the materials list will reveal where you may make or get that item. The graphic below highlights both of these locations. 
  • Some of the things need machines obtained through research from Qi, while others are available for purchase or from one of the early machines in the game.
  • The resources will get increasingly difficult to obtain as you increase your workbench. To stay up with the pace of the advancements, you’ll want to research as much as you can from Qi as frequently as you can. 
  • The mines generate a lot of data discs – far more than you’ll likely need to save until additional items are unlocked for investigation.
  • Begin working on upgrade materials as soon as possible, especially if you have a machine that is idle and maybe producing material for your workbench improvement. 

You’ll need the updated workbench sooner than you think, so keep in mind that you’ll need to collect the resources to enhance it. Keeping this in mind, you should constantly be one step ahead of the competition.

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