How to Make Rockets in Minecraft

 How to Make Rockets in Minecraft

Crafting System is one of the best things players can have in Minecraft. The hardcore survival game has hundreds of things to craft. From weapons to building materials to food item, players must craft all of them using the Crafting Table. Now, if you have found some Gunpowder and thinking of making some rockets or fireworks in Minecraft, this guide will help you make it.

Minecraft Rocket Making Guide- How to Craft?

Minecraft has tons of things to craft, and the game provides players with resources to craft things. Initially, players spawn in a world where they have nothing with them to survive, but at every step, there are mobs who are ready to slay players. Therefore, players must be cautious and make a shelter, collect food and some weapons as soon as possible to fight Mobs.

There are several things in the game that initially are not necessary to craft, and players can easily continue without them. However, these things are required at specific times for specific reasons. The Rockets are one of them.

Rockets are not very essential things in Minecraft, and if players don’t have Rockets, that doesn’t make a lot of difference until they get Elytra. Elytra can be found after beating the Ender Dragon, and with Elytra on, players can fly in the sky using Rockets. So, if you have Elytra and you want to fly in the sky, you need the following items-

  • Paper
  • Gunpowder

Paper can be found from Sugar Cane, and gunpowder can be found from chests or Creepers. So if you have a Creeper Farm in your world, there will be an unlimited supply of Gunpowder. So, once you have all these resources ready, follow the below steps-

  1. Open the Crafting menu
  2. Place Gunpowder on the first slot and Paper on the second (Horizontally)
  3. On the outcome slot, you’ll get Rockets.
Minecraft Rocket Making Guide- How to Craft

That’s how you can craft Rockets in Minecraft. If you have your Sugar Cane farm and Creeper Farm working, you can make as many Rockets as you want and use your Elytra to fly. However, Rockets aren’t required for any other reason, so it is better to use gunpowder to make explosives to destroy mountains or caves to make new areas to explore. Also, Sugar Cane will give you Sugar because the paper is not also a very essential thing in the game.


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