How to Find Ancient City in Minecraft

 How to Find Ancient City in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the best Sandbox games of recent times by Mojang Studios, and even after 12 years, the game still maintains its fanbase as new players always join the game. If you have been playing Minecraft for a few months and have explored your world, you probably want to encounter the Ancient City. This Guide will help players know how to find Ancient City in Minecraft.

Ancient City Locations in Minecraft- Where to Find?

In Minecraft besides the Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders and other minor mobs, players can find bosses like Ender Dragon and Wither. However, the third and the most challenging boss in Minecraft is the Warden with 250 hearts of Health Points, who lives in Ancient City. So, if you have encounter Wither and Ender Dragon, and looking for Warden, you have to locate Ancient City.

Ancient City always spawns in Deep, Dark biome means Cave Biome and especially in mountains that you haven’t yet explored. Generally, you’ll find them in negative Y coordinates (Y -51). It is better if you start mining around Y-51 to find an Ancient City. Snowy Mountains have the most chances to have an Ancient City. However, it is difficult and based on luck to find an Ancient City normally. So, there are cheats that you can use to find one. Below we have listed the cheats for both Bedrock and Java Edition-

  • Bedrock Edition: /locate ancientcity
  • Java Edition: /locate structure minecraft:ancient_city.

Though that’s cheating, but if you can’t find an Ancient City yourself, you can do it this way. Next, you can travel to this location using Elytra or direct Teleport yourself to there (this is also cheating, though).

Ancient City Locations in Minecraft- Where to Find

The Ancient City is a dark location, and if you make sounds, you’ll summon Warden. So, be careful while exploring the Ancient City. There you’ll find chests which contain items like Candle, Coal, Amethyst Shard, Enchanted Book, Diamond Horse Armor, Enchanted Golden Apples, Enchanted Diamond Leggings, Echo Shard, Disc Fragment, etc. However, be careful of the monsters emerging from the ground. If you trigger more than four Sulk Sensors, Warden will spawn and fighting a Warden will more likely to invite your death. Warden deals lots of melee damage to players and you’ll be killed even if you have netherite armor set and weapons.

That’s all you need to know about how to find Ancient City in Minecraft.


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