How to Get Slime Chunks in Minecraft

 How to Get Slime Chunks in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-world survival game that has taken the world by storm and continues to do so with regular updates. There are a lot of fun things to do in this game, as you survive in the 3D block world with all the possibilities. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to get Slime Chunks in Minecraft.

Where to Find Slime Chunks in Minecraft

Slime balls are an important item if you want to craft some Redstone items. They are used to make Redstone mechanisms so that you can make TNT launches and other contraptions. All you need to do is to kill some slimes.

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When you kill a slime, you will get up to five slime balls. However, it is quite rare to come across. A better way to get slime is to farm them and collect slime chunks. 

The first thing that you will need to do if you want to get Slime chunks in Minecraft is to begin a farm for them. They usually spawn below level 40 when you are mining. You can get them even if the light level is higher than 7.

Begin digging downwards all the way to level 30 and mine out an area or 4 blocks. You can use special items such as beacons with haste effect and pickaxes enchanted with Efficiency to mine out stone blocks very quickly. Once you are done, you need to mark out the chunk borders using fences.

Light the area with torches and move away for a while. It needs to be at least 24 blocks away for the slimes to spawn in the chunks. As you have placed the fences, the slime chunks will stay inside. These will become your slime farms, and you can kill the slimes and collect as many slime balls as you want.

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