How to Invite Friends on Minecraft Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

 How to Invite Friends on Minecraft Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Minecraft is an incredible game with blocky but feature-full and highly versatile environment limited by only the players imagination. To experience the most and the best of Minecraft, you have to play with your friends. And doing so is easy, once you know how to perform the process. So, if you do not know how to invite friends on Minecraft Xbox One, this guide is for you. We will walk you through the quick process.

How to Play Minecraft with Friends on Xbox one

If you want to play Minecraft with friends or multiplayer on Xbox One, there are several options at your disposal.

  1. Realm
  2. Splitscreen
  3. Online Server

How to Play Minecraft with Friends on Xbox using Splitscreen Option?

If your selection is the Splitscreen, the game will start and you will have permission to play the game with a friend sharing the same screen.

How to Play Minecraft Realm with Friends on Xbox One

The simplest way to invite players to your realm on Xbox One is using the Realms Invite Link. This is a feature that allows you to easily add players to your realm without having to invite each and every player one at a time. This is a very efficient process.

You can send the unique Invite link of your realm to players you want to invite. When a player clicks on this link, they are prompted to sing-in or create a new Xbox Live account if they don’t have one. Once they sign-in, the player is directly added to your Realm’s whitelist. You do not even have to be online for the players to jump into the game.

If you have sent out the link to too many people and your world is getting crowded, you can suspend the current link so no new players can join your game. This can be done by refreshing the link from the Realms member settings. Once you have refreshed the link, new players will only be able to join using the new link. However, the players who have already joined you can still interact and play in your realm. If you want select players from not entering your world who had been earlier invited, simply block them via Xbox Live.

How to Invite Friends on Minecraft Xbox One using Online Server Option?

If you have selected Online Server, the game will lead you to a biome. It means that you launch into a personal server and any of your friends can join the game as long as you are online i.e. you are playing the game. If you exit the game, your friends won’t be able to play and will get an error.

So, inviting friends to play Minecraft is that easy. Just choose your preferred option.

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